Gareth and his Viking head to Land’s End!


Have you ever fancied a challenge? 230 miles? Cycling day and night? No sleep?

Gareth from our Exeter store did, and he is due to set off on the 29th September to raise money for Mountain Rescue.

His challenge will see him ride from GO Outdoors in Bristol to Land’s End, via Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin, covering a total distance of 230 miles.

Now some of us may think this isn’t too bad, considering the beauty of the south west, and when you factor in some nice hotels and pubs you have a fairly energetic holiday. Sounds great! Let’s all go!

But that would be too easy for a regular cyclist like Gareth. So he’ll be doing his challenge, all 230 miles…in one go, all day, all night until he’s done. Inspired by the great work that Mountain Rescue do, and egged on by friends that don’t think he can do it, Gareth is set to prove them wrong and raise money for a great cause.

To take Gareth on his journey and keep him company along the way he will be aboard the Viking Echelon, a lightweight, 16 speed alloy road bike, more than ready for the task in hand. The Echelon will offer Gareth a road specific geometry to allow him to achieve the best performance possible, a 700 x 23c wheelset to ensure he is efficient (with limited resistance on the road) and a great gear range to allow him to tackle the various terrains he may encounter along the way.

Gareth is currently in training ready for his big event and we will look forward to following up on his adventures when he returns. Good luck Gareth.

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4 Responses to Gareth and his Viking head to Land’s End!

  1. Mr Christopher Burgess says:

    34FKj1skrYS7 Hi Gareth,I envy your strength and stamina,but wish you all the best in your venture.It is certainly for a very good cause. You should be fit enough for the London to Brighton next year !!ha ha. I did it on June 17th this year, ( didn’t see you there) ?? alas though,I had to walk up “Ditchlin Beacon”. I have a “Nigel Dean” racer,but it only has 14 gears,and I have one bad leg !! so,If you can ride up that, you’ll have no bother at all. Good Luck with the ride,I’ll be following it.. Christopher Burgess.

  2. Lillie Pollington says:

    For anyone interested in donating please go to Or donation boxes in stores. Many thanks

  3. Philip Pankhurst says:

    Hi Gareth,
    Haing just completed the J.O.G.L.E that if from end to end in 24 hrs on a motorbike, I’m seriously impressed with your challenge.
    Get it on and good luck You’ll have iron GLUTES to boot as well

    Well dome mate

  4. Jon Wilkes says:

    Well done Gareth for completing your challenge. 240 miles in 25 1/4 hrs! Well done, We’re really proud of you. You are a legend and a star. Dad and Alison xx

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