Infographic: 50 Essential Backpacking Tips

Tips to think about before your day hike 

The folks at Expedia have put together this great infographic with a whole host of tips for backpackers to consider before and during a hike. While some of these tips are only really needed outside the UK (you won’t need a bear bag on the West Highland Way), it’s certainly a good idea to keep them in mind if you head out on any hiking holidays. 

Preparation is key to any successful trip, and taking the right steps before you leave the house could be the difference between a great walking memory and a bad day out. These 50 tips will help you out somewhere in the world, take them in and use what is right for you and the hike you have planned.
50 Essential Backpacking Tips

50 Essential Backpacking Tips [Infographic] by the team at Expedia




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