Staff Choices: Top 5 Sleeping Bags 2013


Which gear would our staff choose from the upcoming season?

In this series, we’ll be asking members of our head office staff to pick their top 5 products in specific categories for the upcoming season, to help you guys get a sense of what we’re really excited about hitting the shelves.

Top 5 Sleeping Bags by Nick – Camping Buyer

We know a lot of our customers are fans of camping, so we’re always on the lookout to bring you the best quality sleeping bags for a variety of uses and at a variety of prices. It’s Nick’s job to pick and buy our Sleeping and Tent ranges, so we thought we’d ask him which his favourite Sleeping Bags were for Spring/Summer 2013.

1) Vango Starlight Cocoon 250 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “The Cocoon range is something new from Vango that we are pretty excited about. The design is wider than a normal bag which makes it ideal for those who feel quite restricted in a normal sleeping bag. The Cocoon will allow you to move position for the best night’s sleep possible.”

Retail Price: £35
Discount Card Price: £29.99


2) Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Much like the Cocoon, the Big Basin is a wider set sleeping bag, but it’s also long enough to fit someone up to 6’6. We often get asked by customers for longer sleeping bags to accommodate a taller person, this is the one for you. A great choice for those who like to move around in their sleep.”

Retail Price: £59.99
Discount Card Price: £49.99


3) Hi Gear Summit 250 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Lovely fabrics and a good price for a technical looking, warm sleeping bag.”

Retail Price: £50
Discount Card Price: £39.99

4) Vango Aurora Double Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Another great feeling bag with room for two. The design and comfort of this will no doubt make it a popular choice this Summer. Double Sleeping Bags may not be for everyone, but those who have tried them rarely go back to two singles. ”

Retail Price: £95
Discount Card Price: £79.99


5) Outwell Cedar 1800 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Soft feel with an old school look. The Cedar 1800 is a new classic with enough room to accommodate how you sleep. It’s one of those sleeping bags that even looks comfortable, so much so the Cedar can be unzipped into a great blanket.”

Retail Price: £35
Discount Card Price: £29.99


That’s all for this post, we’ll back soon with another look into our new range.

In the meantime: What is the best Sleeping Bag you’ve ever owned?

Leave us a comment below.

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4 Responses to Staff Choices: Top 5 Sleeping Bags 2013

  1. Stephen hendry says:

    Completely disagree with the choices of sleeping bag, it looks like the review has been done on price and how cheap they are, customers want to know which is the best bag by Warmth comfort and how much room it takes up I personally believe the best bag on the market for not to much cash is the the Rab 900, it protected me against the elements in a harsh Afghanistan winter and more recently throughout January in possibly the coldest temperatures in years in Brecon South Wales, and lets be honest even in the summer the uk temperatures are still cold at night I feel that with any of those bags being reviewed above you would still end up pulling additional covers over you , feel free to return a comment
    Yours faithfully
    Mr Stephen Hendry

    • Brandon says:

      Hi Stephen,

      The list isn’t about the best, it’s about Nicks favourites. Of course there are better sleeping bags on the market, but a family of 4, going camping for the first time over a weekend might not be interested in a Rab 900 bag, for example. Every bag has it’s use!

  2. Loki says:

    Sorry to say, if your staff think these sleeping bags are some of the best to hit the shelves, then I shall not be asking your staff for any advice anytime soon.

    • Brandon says:

      Hi Loki,

      These aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ sleeping bags, these are Nicks ‘favourite’ sleeping bags of the upcoming season. Every bag serves a purpose. Would you take any of these up Everest? Definitely not. Not everybody wants to spend over £100 on a weekend sleeping bag though.

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