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Guest Blog: OEX New Camping Range 2016


OEX stop by to give us a preview of their bumper 2016 offering 

After our debut year in 2015 and all the fantastic feedback provided by GO Outdoors customers, we’re back for 2016 with an even bigger range than before. Since last years launch we’ve been designing brand new kit in a bid to make OEX a one stop brand for wild campers and expedition participants. The new OEX range features upgraded tents, improved tents, brand new tents, cookware, sleeping bags, rucksacks clothing and more.

There’s so much in fact that we’re going to split this into parts, and in this part we’ll be taking a look at the new tents and camping gear.

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Protect Your Travel Luggage with Numinous


A brand new range of anti-theft rucksacks at GO Outdoors 

Gap year travelling is becoming more and more popular, with many spending their summers or longer backpacking to the far reaches of the globe in search of memories they can keep for a life time.

As anyone with backpacking experience will tell you, the worst nightmare of any traveller is theft. When your rucksack contains everything, security is key.

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Ever thought of Wild Camping?


We take a look into camping off the beaten track. 

It’s a new year and one of our themes for 2012 is ‘Give it a GO’ where we want you to try your hand at a different outdoor activity. In this blog we’re going to take a look into the subject of wild camping and backpacking in the UK. While pitching a tent off the beaten path may sound like an easy task, there are some rules you will need to follow so as not to get into trouble. Read more

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