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15 Coastal Walks to Try in the UK


Head for the coast with these bracing coastal walks in the UK

Coastal walks aren’t just relaxing, they’re a nice break from the mountains and hills. A walk in the sea air is said to make you sleep for longer, but more than anything – coastal walks offer up some stunning views as well. Here we have selected 15 areas of coastline around the UK, and a walk for you to enjoy them.

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Best Tents for the British Summer


GO Outdoors Top Five Tents for tackling the unpredictable Summer.

If there’s one thing you can never predict, it’s the British weather, so we’ve selected 5 of the best tents for all weather conditions to help you camp through the summer in comfort and style!

The best thing about get a family sized tent is that it’s going to give you the space you need.  Larger tents also offer extras like canopies, porches, footprints and carpets, that can all take camping to ‘glamping’ without spending too much. Read more

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