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10 Ways to Survive a Wet Festival


Don’t become a meme for the wet weather this year, be prepared. 

British festivals and wet weather go together like beans on toast. Around June-August in Britain, the weather seems to forget that it’s supposed to be in the height of summer and throw down days of rain, usually when you’re outside in a field at a music festival. The rain shouldn’t ruin your weekend, if you’re prepared. Here are our tips to get you through.

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Top 10 Camping Tips


A selection of camping tips from GO Outdoors

Because it’s always better to learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own, we’ve asked around the GO Outdoors office for some top tips for a successful camping trip. Read more

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Short outdoor tips worth remembering


Tweetable tips from GO Outdoors customers

Last week on our Twitter account we ran a competition to find out the best tweetable outdoor tips from our customers. These tips included handy DIY tips that you wouldn’t get from a store, or just hints for having the best time possible in the outdoors. Using the hashtag #gotip our customers sent in there best tips in 140 characters or less, and through a good few mentions of ‘Don’t eat yellow snow’ here are a selection of our favourites: Read more

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