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Q&A with Berghaus Mountaineer Mick Fowler


We sit down and chat with a real pioneer of British rock climbing. 

Outdoor sponsored athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve even had some working with us here at GO Outdoors, but when we were given the chance to sit down with a real British favourite of the climbing world in Mick Fowler, we couldn’t resist.

For those who might be new to the name, Mick Fowler is an award-winning mountaineer and author. He was voted the ‘Mountaineer’s mountaineer’ by The Observer, and has picked up prestigious awards such as the Piolet d’OR and the Golden Piton for his climbs. He was one of the first people to rock climb at E6 difficulty, and winter climb at grade VI – it’s no doubt that Mick Fowler is a real pioneer when it comes to adventurous climbing.

While he’s not conquering the cliff face, Mick works full time for HM Revenue and Customs, and while not in the office he has been working as a Berghaus-sponsored athlete since 2008.

We asked you to send in your questions for the man himself, and here is how it went:

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