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A thirsty adventure – Ian Beswick


The End of My Pennine Adventure

Still raining!
I had to focus now. The next final two days to Kirk Yetholm were probably going to be
the toughest of my journey. It was twenty-seven miles, (43.5km) across the tops of
the Cheviot Hills and, unless one deviated down into one of the valleys, there was no
habitation or access to water. I had only my 1L bottle in my rucksack and so stopped
at the garage to by another small bottle. I judged that when i set up camp for the night i
would have enough with my plastic bags and “Billy can” to collect sufficient to last and
was quite confident that it would continue raining or at least rain again the next night. So
it was with a determined but nervous mind i set out. Read more

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