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9 Festival Hacks That Will Change Your Life


Festival tips for novice campers  

Festival season is well underway, and for many, it’s their only experience of camping during the year.¬† So if you’re a total novice camper, then it’s always good to arrive armed with plenty of tips to get the most out of your experience. We’ve pulled together 9 festival hacks that will help make your stay more enjoyable, and they couldn’t be simpler.

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UK Festival Facts


Wellies and sun cream at the ready, it’s time to crank up the live music

Who doesn’t love a good fact? It’s festival season again, and while the summer’s biggest events gear up to welcome musical acts from around the world, we’ve got you covered for facts to get you excited for the upcoming season. For example did you know you can track the origin of the music festival back 3,000 years? Do you know how many pop up tents it’d take to sleep the max capacity of Glastonbury festival if they all paired up? No? Then read on!

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