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Staying Safe Out On The Hills


Accidents happen to the most cautious walkers- so what can you pack to stay safe?

If you’re off to the hill or the cliff tops this weekend for a spot of walking or climbing , don’t forget to check your gear and go steady, especially on slippery rocks after the recent rainfall across most of the UK.

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Walk Tall


News suggests mountain walking is as safe as it was 30 years ago!

Great news if you’re a walker or a climber, or even if you’re part of Mountain Rescue as according to The Mountaineering Council of Scotland, mountain rescues have fallen to the lowest recorded point in the last 30 years.

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Safety First


Tragic camping accident emphasises the importance of gas safety.

The importance of not using gas barbeques in enclosed spaces was sadly highlighted this weekend with the news that a camper died, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning after using a gas barbeque in a tent to keep warm.

Vincent Clare, 50, would have been unable to detect the gas, as carbon monoxide is both colourless and odourless. It is important that barbeques and stoves are never used in enclosed spaces to avoid a similar tragedy.

When used in the correct ventilated areas and ways, BBQ’s and stoves are very safe and new campers shouldn’t be discouraged from using gas to cook, but time should be spent on researching the correct manner to use these pieces of equipment.  Read more

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