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Is My Tent Damaged? – Frequently Asked Questions


How to remedy some common tent issues and tell if your tent is damaged or  not

A tent can be a big investment for a family, and if you’re an absolute beginner to camping, it’s common to worry about the health of your tent, but here are some common ‘issues’ that can be easily rectified/prevented, or may not be issues at all. Here’s how to tell whether your tent is damaged beyond repair or not.

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Repair and Care for your Tent


Make sure your tent is in great shape before it hibernates for another year 

Caring for your tent is the key to making sure it stands the test of time. Often tents are packed away damp, or tossed in the garage and owners find that they’ve got some issues to rectify come the next time they need it. Caring for your tent couldn’t be simpler, and with these tips you’ll get plenty more use out of it.

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