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Top Outdoors Brands of 2014/15


Crowning the best outdoor brands of the last year

With the general election looming, we’ve been asking you to elect your favourite outdoor brands. Each year we crown the top 10 outdoor brands according to GO Outdoors customers. Fans out of the outdoors can be fiercely loyal to their favourite brand, but has another brand stepped up their game and impressed over the last year? Here are the results

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Top 10 Outdoor Brands 2013


We asked our customers which were their favourite brands in 2013

2013 was a year of testing weather, who can forget the snow which seemed to stick around until April/May time, a wait for the sun and thenĀ  being blasted with record heat for what felt like a pretty reasonable British summer time. As we stroll back through what has so far been quite a mild winter, we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask our customers – Which were your favourite brands of 2013?

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Top 10 Outdoor Brands 2012


We asked our customers their favourite outdoor brandsĀ 

Wanderlust magazine brings the readers travel awards each year and especially interesting to us is the top ten outdoor brands category. A favourite outdoor brand generally comes with the type of outdoor activity you undertake, it’s difficult to not feel some loyalty toward a brand when you find a piece of kit that covers all the bases you need. So below we’ll talk about the Wanderlust top 10, and our own top 10 after asking GO outdoors customers their favourites.

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