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Infographic: 50 Essential Backpacking Tips


Tips to think about before your day hike 

The folks at Expedia have put together this great infographic with a whole host of tips for backpackers to consider before and during a hike. While some of these tips are only really needed outside the UK (you won’t need a bear bag on the West Highland Way), it’s certainly a good idea to keep them in mind if you head out on any hiking holidays.  Read more

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How to fit a rucksack and pack it correctly


Walk in comfort with your pack correctly fitted 

All too often a rucksack is chosen based on price, or features alone, with no thought for how it might fit and feel when you’re out and about. In this article we’ll take you through how to correctly fit your rucksack, and the best way to pack it.

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Short outdoor tips worth remembering


Tweetable tips from GO Outdoors customers

Last week on our Twitter account we ran a competition to find out the best tweetable outdoor tips from our customers. These tips included handy DIY tips that you wouldn’t get from a store, or just hints for having the best time possible in the outdoors. Using the hashtag #gotip our customers sent in there best tips in 140 characters or less, and through a good few mentions of ‘Don’t eat yellow snow’ here are a selection of our favourites: Read more

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