10 Camping Christmas Gifts

What to get for those who like to sleep under canvas 

You’re looking for a gift for somebody who really loves to go camping, if you’re not a camper yourself it can be quite difficult to hunt out the best gifts. So we’ve compiled a list of 10 things that we think would make a great gift for a camper this year.

1. Sleeping Bag

Depending on the type of camper you’re buying for, you may be looking for a simple summer bag, or a toasty warm insulated winter bag, at GO Outdoors we have a wide variety of sleeping bags available for a variety of purposes and at a variety of prices.

Shop: Sleeping Bags

2. OEX Ultra Lite Camping Chair

The winner of our camping product of the year last year, the OEX Ultra Lite chair is perfect for any kind of camper. It’s lightweight, and packs down small enough to attach to your rucksack, and it’s mat means that it won’t sink into the mud.

Shop: OEX Ultra Lite Chair

3. Jetboil Cooking System

Most people that own a Jetboil will tell you that they absolutely love it. A fantastic lightweight cooking system for wild campers and hikers alike, the clue is in the name – it’ll bring your water to the boil quickly when you need a cuppa the most.  Spend less time waiting for the water to boil, and more time enjoying the view.

Shop: Jetboil Cooking Systems

4. OEX Phoxx 1 Backpacking Tent

There’s no greater gift than the gift of adventure, and this 1 person tent is an ideal excuse to head out hiking for an overnight stay . The Phoxx is lightweight and packs down small enough to attach to your rucksack. It’s low profile design makes it ideal for pitching up on a hillside in a group or for a bit of solo camping. At just £59.99, it’s our best value tent in the backpacking range.

Shop: OEX Phoxx 1 Tent

5. Campingaz Party Grill® 200 Stove

If you’re shopping for more of a family camper, then the Party Grill from Campingaz is a feature packed little unit. It comes with a variety of cooking surfaces, and packs down into it’s own bag, ready to be taken on the next camping trip.

Shop: Campingaz Party Grill® 200 Stove

6. NGT 3 way Frying Pan

The ultimate fry-up frying pan for those camping breakfasts. With 3 separet compartments to this non-stick pan, you can keep your beans, egg and bacon separate but cooking at the same time.

Shop: NGT 3 way Frying Pan

7. NGT Toastie Maker

If you’re an avid camper, you’ve probably heard about ‘Ridge Monkey toastie makers’, this is a great value for money version. The pan is ideal for cooking your own toasties, or a range of foods that need a covered pan. At just £12.99, it’ll revolutionise your camping cooking.

Shop: NGT Toastie Maker

8. Vivitar Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Take your music on the go with you, whether you’re camping with friends or family, bring people together with the music from your smartphone with this bluetooth speaker. Just try not turn it up so loud that you annoy the other campers!

Shop: Vivitar Bluetooth Speaker

9. Handy Heroes Camping Mug, Socks & Torch Gift Set

A novelty giftset from Handy Heroes for a lover of camping. A useful little torch for those midnight toilet runs, and a great looking cup for your morning brew!

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10. TF Gear Flatout 3 Leg Bed

For those looking for a touch of luxury on their camping trips, you may have heard campers singing the praises of fishing beds, and it’s because they’re incredibly comfortable. Costing a little more than a standard camp bed, a fishing bed offers comfort, and has been known to be a good choice for those with a bad back. Pop into a store and try one out, you’ll be ‘hooked’. (Sorry)

Shop: TF Gear Flatout 3 Leg Bed

Campingaz Party Grill® 200 Stove