10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Walkers

10 Christmas Gifts for Walkers 

Christmas is the time for giving, and there’s no greater gift than the gift of adventure. If there’s an avid walker/hiker in your life and you’re struggling with some gift ideas this Christmas-time, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together 10 suggestions to help focus your search.

If you’re looking to pick somebody up a new pair of walking boots, it’s probably best to check out our Walking Boots Buying Guide.

Similarly, if it’s a new jacket you’re looking for, check out our Guide to Buying an Insulated Jacket, and Waterproof Jacket Buying Guide.

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Here are a few other gift ideas:


1. Walking Trousers

As any walker will tell you, you can never have enough great walking trousers. Whether you’re shopping for a hardened hill walker, or a dog walker, at GO Outdoors we have walking trousers ranging in price from just £14 with your Discount Card.

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2. Walking Socks

Seems obvious right? If you can’t have enough pairs of walking trousers, then you certainly can’t ever own enough walking socks. Ranging in season and style, we stock a wide variety of socks for varying walkers, with so much to choose from – nobody needs holey socks this Christmas.

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3. Gaiters

The winter months are often damp and although many walking boots are waterproof, adding gaiters over the top helps to cover the areas of the boot that may not be waterproof, or are more susceptible to letting in moisture, which means that long wet grass can’t get over the top of the boots and wet your socks. Gaiters are also a great option for snowy walks for the same reason.

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4. Walking Poles

Walking poles are the often misunderstand walkers companion. They’re for all ages, and when used correctly can help with balance, and more importantly, reducing the impact on your knees. Poles are a great idea for long distance walkers. At GO we sell a variety, with some available in pairs, and some as a single pole.

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5. Daypacks

A good daypack promotes being prepared. If you’re carrying the essentials a hiker needs, then a comfortable, useful daypack is mandatory. The size of pack depends on what type of walker you are buying for, a simple day hike won’t need a large pack, whereas somebody who likes to go on multi-day hikes, or even wild camping might want something a little larger.

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6. Whitby Warmer

An ideal gift for somebody always complaining of cold hands, or somebody who likes to keep their adventures going through winter. The Whitby Warmer is a refillable hand warmer that uses lighter fluid as fuel. This flamless heater will keep warm for 12 hours, which should cover you for a good days trekking.

Whitby Hand Warmer

7. Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook

A handy little notepad that allows you to write on it, even in the wet. Making it ideal for jotting down notes or sketches, wherever you are, whatever the weather. Great for those walkers who head off out looking for inspiration.

Rite in the Rain Notepad

8. Lil Larry Torch

Already incredibly popular with our staff and customers, the Lil Larry is a 250 lumens torch, in pen size. It has various settings including full beam, low beam and a flashing red emergency light. It’s size makes it ideal for a walkers pack, and it’s brightness is ideal for lighting up the whole path, or trying to get attention. At only £8.99, it’s a fantastic bit of kit. Lil Larry’s are currently only available in our stores, and not online.

Lil Larry Torch

9. OEX Survival Kit

A novel little pack that features 14 survival items in a compact kit. Ideal for the budding bushcrafter, or as a novelty gift for the adventurer in your life. The pack is small enough to keep stored in a rucksack at all times, just in case.

OEX Survival Kit

10. Walking GPS

Probably one for the main gift, or something to put money towards, but Walking GPS’ are becoming more and more popular each year. Many of the units stocked at GO Outdoors come with full Great Britain mapping, which means exploration is all in the palm of your hand. A GPS unit doesn’t just open up walks around the country, it could also kickstart a hobby in geocaching.

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