10 Climbing Routes in Yorkshire Dales National Park

You can certainly get your adrenaline fix in the Yorkshire Dales. Climbing is one of the most popular pastimes attracting both residents and passionate climbers from across the UK. Here are 10 of our favourite spots to climb in the Yorkshire Dales.

1. Pen-y-Ghent

One of Yorkshire’s famous Three Peaks, Pen-y-Ghent presents a highly challenging trek for experienced walkers and climbers alike. Filled with obstacles including gates, gravel tracks and stiles you’ll have to be on the ball. Limestone dominates this peak, so you’ll need to prepare for the changing weather if you wish to take on this challenging, medium-difficulty mountain. The paths up to the climb are easy to follow and the route covers a distance of approximately 6.5-miles with some astonishing views from the top. You can find out more info here.

2. Gordale Scar

Gordale Scar is one of the most famous rock formations in the Yorkshire Dales, carved from the limestone over hundreds of years. Containing two waterfalls, the overhangs present challenges to experienced climbers while the Scar itself is enough to give you a good workout! Climbing Gordale Scar is much easier than it looks but does require a small head for heights. The trickiest part is the first climb up alongside the waterfall that tumbles over the tufa in the valley floor. Climb to the top and you’ll find some incredible views out over the Dales towards Malham and much further afield, but it’s best to take on this challenge on a clear, dry and sunny day to make sure that you get as good a grip on the rocks as possible. All the information you need before embarking upon this adventure can be found here.

3. High Stoney Bank

With 64 different routes to the summit, High Stoney Bank certainly lives up to its name. One of the highest mountains in the Yorkshire Dales there are a variety of different limestone formations to challenge both new and experienced climbers. Located above Gordale Beck it offers some of the finest views of rural Yorkshire imaginable making the climb – whichever one you choose – well worth the effort. Get all the information you need and start planning your adventure here now.

4. Brimham Rocks

You’ll find plenty of spectacular views over the Yorkshire Dales from the summit of Brimham Rocks. Standing at almost 300 metres high, these strange rock formations have been attracting climbers for decades, desperate to test themselves against the unusual overhangs. With plenty of local wildlife and rolling moorland all around, Brimham Rocks is an experience to take in both from the top and bottom. Here’s a little guide to help you get the most out of Brimham Rocks.

5. Malham Cove

Dubbed as the best sport climbing in the Pennines, Malham Cove presents an exciting opportunity for all climbing enthusiasts. With routes suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers, the central walls of steep and compact limestone are most suited to the experienced, while the left and right wings offer approaches to the summit that are less steep and less technical. There are a total of 331 different ways to climb Malham Cove, reaching the top for some of the most perfect views of the Yorkshire Dales. You can learn all about the cove here.

6. Giggleswick South

The short, sharp and challenging crags at Giggleswick South are hidden away by dense trees but beneath the leaves and branches are a series of difficult ascents to the top of a wonderful part of the Yorkshire Dales. It may not be the longest or most complex of climbs in the region, but that’s what makes it such a popular area for inexperienced climbers. There are a number of lower-grade sport climbs, while those in search of something more difficult will still be rewarded if they tackle one of the superb rock formations on the G-Spot section. No matter what experience you have, this spot is one to try out, you can find all information on the site here.

7. Kilnsey Crag

With plenty of difficult overhangs and leaning walls, Kilnsey Crag is one of the most famous limestone cliffs in the UK and attracts hundreds of climbers each year. There are challenging sport climbs for the experienced along with plenty of equally-challenging more traditional routes to the top for those new to the sport. The climbs are not so much a test of strength, but physical fitness and stamina due to the sheer height of the cliffs. Check this guide for all information you’ll need for this climb.

8. Wild Boar Fell

Wild Boar Fell is often described as something of a hidden gem within the Yorkshire Dales, due mainly to the numerous natural wonders in the area that are inaccessible by road. For walkers and climbers who don’t mind putting in the hard miles over challenging terrain; Wild Boar Fell features a number of beautiful waterfalls and rock formations, along with stunning and tranquil scenery for miles around.

9. Whernside from Ribblehead

Whernside is the tallest mountain in Yorkshire, and for those looking to really test themselves – or just to take in the fabulous Dales – the best way to the top is to approach from Ribblehead. A classic ascent up the Three Peaks, this way is the most straightforward and enables you to take in views of the Ribblehead Viaduct and to make your way up the recently re-laid tracks. If you’re making your way up Whernside as part of the popular Three Peaks challenge then it can get particularly busy, but it really is a great route at any time of year. You can find extra information here.

10. Twistleton Main Crag

Another of the highly popular and highly challenging limestone crags in the Yorkshire Dales, Twistleton Main Crag will test even the most experienced of climbers. Offering a variety of different routes to the summit, this crag has a number of options for amateur climbers to take on. Having worked your way to the top and built up a sweat it’ll all be worth it when you stand at the top and look out across the wonderful Yorkshire Dales, with visibility for miles and miles on a clear day. This guide has any extra information you may need.

There’s 10 of the best climbing routes in the Yorkshire Dales! Now get out there and get climbing! Check out our store to bag any extra walking or climbing gear you may need.