14 Outdoor Stocking Fillers

Ideal outdoor gifts for under £10

Try as we may, we can’t all be great at knowing what to buy somebody for Christmas. You usually get some help with that ‘main’ present, but when it comes to some small optional extras for the stocking, or even for that colleague in the work ‘Secret Santa’, you can be left scratching your head. In this article we’ll take a look at some of our low cost favourites.

Outdoor Gifts Under £10

1) Hi Gear Auckland 20 Daypack

Retail Price:
Discount Card Price: £7.00

Our lowest cost day pack, and it’s five star rated by GO Outdoors customers. Ideal for day walks, or day to day use. You could also get a little creative and use the Auckland as a stocking, stuffing it with other little outdoor goodies.


2) Regatta Thompson/Sweetheart Microfleece

Retail Price: £12.50
Discount Card Price: £5.97 – £7.99

One of the best selling products at GO Outdoors, the Thompson and Sweetheart fleeces are incredibly popular with customers, and come in a large variety of colours and sizes. You won’t find a better looking fleece for under £8.


3) The Edge Winter Hats Range

Discount Card Price: £5.99 – £9.99

The Edge skiwear range has a great looking selection of winter hats for 2013. The range extends to mens, womens, and childrens hats in a variety of colours and styles. So no matter who you’re buying for, you should be able to find a warm winter hat to suit.


4) Shakespeare Firebird Rod n Reel combo

Retail Price: £19.99
Discount Card Price: £9.99

At only £9.99, this 7ft rod and reel combo is an ideal starter rod. Rated 5 stars by customers, the Shakespeare brand name gives you confidence that you’re getting a great product for a low cost.


5) Ordnance Survey Maps

Discount Card Price: £4.00 – £7.99

In a world of GPS; maps are sometimes forgotten. Map reading is still a fantastic skill to have, and a map will never run out of battery. Our large range of Ordnance survey maps in store and online make ideal gift add-ons for the walker in your life.


6) Boyz Toys multi-feature Knife and Torch set

Retail Price: £10
Discount Card Price: £6.99

Chances are, you’ve caught your dad longing for the mini penknife that comes with the box of crackers on Christmas day, but he’s been stuck with the ‘magic trick’ again. At only £6.99, this Boyz Toys option is nice enough, but won’t break the bank. Watch as the recipient tries to work out what they can use the knife for on Christmas day – don’t let them try to cut the turkey with it.


7) Hi Gear 1L Flask

Retail Price: £15
Discount Card Price: £9.99

A classic for Christmas. The flask is a timeless part of any rambler’s rucksack. Fill it with coffee, tea, or soup and head out into the hills. You can’t beat a hot flask on a cold day, and rated at 5 stars, this flask is an ideal extra.


8) Petzl Gripmaster

Retail Price: £11
Discount Card Price: £9.90

We sell the gripmaster for climbers, it’s a great training tool to improve grip strength. It could also be of interest if you know somebody who lifts weights, or takes part in any other activity where a strong grip is of the essence.



Outdoor Gifts Under £5

1) Rite in the Rain Pocket Notepad

Retail Price: £4.99
Discount Card Price: £4.49

Much like the flask, the notepad is another staple part of a hikers pack. The ‘Rite in the Rain’ range are all weather pads that won’t disintegrate in bad weather like normal paper. Take down your notes, notable points or thoughts with this great gift under five pounds.


2) Growers Cup disposable Coffee Press

Retail Price £2
Discount Card Price £1.79

The Growers Cup range is ideal for the hills or when you’re out and about. Fill with hot water, and get great tasting pressed coffee in a variety of types and flavours. These have been a big hit with our customers, who speak highly of the taste. It costs less than a Starbucks!


3) Hi Gear Mini Headlight

Retail Price: £10
Discount Card Price: £5

If your family is anything like mine, the chances are the person you buy this for will be sat wearing it at the dinner table, while being told off by somebody else at the dinner table. On a serious note though, head torches are really useful to have around the house, or if you’re a runner and go running at night. A great bit of kit.


4) Hi Gear Boot Bag

Retail Price: £6.00
Discount Card Price: £4.99

Walkers, runners, people who play outdoors sports – the chances are at some point they’ll suffer from muddy footwear. The Hi Gear boot bag is an ideal piece to keep the mud out of the car until you can get the footwear cleaned.


5) GO Outdoors Coolmax Walking Socks

Retail Price: £8
Discount Card Price: £4.99

I’m reliably informed you cannot create a Christmas list without the inclusion of the classic ‘I didnt know what to get you’ gift of socks. You always need socks, you can never have enough. The GO Outdoors range features a whole host of different socks from different brands at different price points, for different needs. The Coolmax trail are the best quality for under £5, a great midweight sock that will look after your feet while hill walking.


6) Kendal Mint Cake

Discount Card Price: £1.17

The adventurers milk tray; the explorers ferrero rocher – Kendal Mint cake should always be in your rucksack, and should certainly always be in somebody’s Christmas stocking.


So there we have it, a few to get you started on your stocking fillers. We’ll be back with more Christmas gift ideas soon!