15 Outdoor Ideas for Kids this Autumn

A new season brings exciting new adventures! Although the temperature has dropped and daylight hours are in short supply, these aren’t reasons to head inside and hibernate. Here are 15 exciting adventures you can have this half term and throughout autumn. Spending quality time outdoors with your family can kick-start a lifelong love for adventure. Let’s get out there!

Before you head out on your autumn adventures, ensure the whole family are wrapped up! From fleeces, to insulated jackets, to waterproofs, to wellies and walking boots, we have it all here at Go Outdoors. Check you have everything you need before you head out!

1. Build a secret den

There’s no better way to enjoy the autumn landscape than sitting in your own secret woodland base. Head to your local woods with your family, scavenge the best building materials from the floor around you and get constructing your dream den. To create the perfect woodland hideout, build your den around a tree trunk or large rock using strong branches and sticks. One of the most popular den shapes is a tipi which you can cover in leaves and moss to make it truly secret!

2. Collect leaves

Head outdoors in autumn and you’ll see bold, bright and beautiful colours on the trees and pathways around you. How many different types of leaf and colours can you find? Why not take them home to trace or save in a scrapbook?

3. Snap the best of autumn

Capturing autumn adventures is easy! You don’t need an expensive camera, just take a snap of the things you find and the memories you make in the great outdoors.

4. GO Ape Sundown Sessions are back!

Looking for something completely different this season? To celebrate autumn, Go Ape are inviting you to run, leap and zip through a series of new night-time adventures exclusively at GO Ape sites across the UK. So swap your PJs for a harness, head outdoors and hit the high rope for an unforgettable starlight adventure. Go Ape Sundown Sessions are available on selected dates this autumn. Find out more and book your place at Go Ape – Sundown Sessions.

5. Conkers

This traditional British game has been played by children for decades! Ask your parents and grandparents and we’re sure that they will remember enjoying conkers with their friends. To find the best conkers, keep your eyes to the ground when out walking in woodland areas. You’re looking for un-cracked conkers which are firm and symmetrical. Ask an adult to help you make a hole in the middle of your chosen conker, thread a piece of string about 25cm long through it and tie a knot at one end to secure. To play the game, take turns with a friend hitting each other’s conker. The champion is the one who’s conker remains intact.

6. Learn about the weather

One thing that’s guaranteed about the British weather in autumn is that it’s unpredictable. This season is a great chance to learn more about the weather and how the seasons can affect it. Take a peek at Weather Wiz Kidz for inspiring activities and exciting lessons on our weather.

7. Get creative with nature

The colours, textures and sights of autumn offer exciting inspiration for those of you who are budding artists. You could create a scrapbook from the things you find in the woods, draw bugs you uncover on your adventures, or use leaves and paints to create autumn art. Get creative this autumn; just make sure you don’t disturb the wildlife.

8. Give nature a home

Cold weather and unpredictable rain can mean autumn is a season when nature likes to hunker down. Ideas to make your garden a haven for wildlife include creating a bug hotel, putting up a bird feeder and creating corridors for creatures to pass in and around your garden easily. Check out top tips from the RSPB here.

9. Family bike rides

It’s often said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear choices. We agree! Family bike rides are a great way to keep active and adventure further outdoors. We’ve seen a huge boom in bike sales this year so order yours now before they sell out – shop bikes now.

10. Wildlife walk

Local walks are a great way to spot exciting wildlife. Why not take a notepad or camera and see how many animals you can spot on your next walk? Make sure you look for birds in the trees and air, insects under rocks and small animals in the undergrowth. Who knows what you’ll uncover?

11. Go climbing

Climbing is fun at any age. Whether you’re traversing the bottom branches of a tree or skipping over rocks when out for a walk, climbing is an amazing adventure accessible to anyone. There are even climbing centres up and down the country where the kids can scale new heights together.

12. Kick through a BIG pile of leaves

We’re yet to meet anyone that doesn’t find kicking through a big pile of leaves irresistible! Even grown-ups can’t resist. Tick this off your autumn list next time you see one!

13. Skimming stones

Another amazing memory that should be part of every childhood. Teach young ones how to skim stones at the local lake or river. How many skips can they make?

14. Explore your local area

Engage your family in your local area by doing a little research on exciting things to do and see near you. You may uncover an interesting myth or tale connected to where you live which will help little ones love where they are growing up even more.

15. Go pumpkin picking

As Halloween approaches, pumpkin picking venues start to pop up across the country! It’s a great way to get the family together and spend time outdoors. Choose your favourite, carve a design or make some tasty homemade soup!

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