What is Hydrophobic Down?

Hydrophobic Down or HydroDown™ (depending on which brand you look at) is a new type of down insulation that is set to be very popular this winter, as it has tackled one of the problems associated with traditional insulation; it can handle damp weather.

Call us nerds, but it’s always a little exciting when something new comes out in the outdoor industry and while recent developments have all been new types of membrane fabrics, or even the innovative new Airbeam technology in tents, we’re quite excited for Hydrophobic Down.

Down jackets are vastly popular, because they’re warm, they’re comfortable to wear and they can last for years if looked after correctly. However standard down jackets of old couldn’t handle damp conditions if they got wet, the down lost its loft, which meant that the jackets insulating properties were compromised – i.e. it didn’t stay warm . They were really only designed for very cold, but dry conditions, such as the day after a snowfall.

Hydrophobic Down has been created to perform in damp conditions, the down insulation has been treated with a durable water repellent that enables the down to dry quicker and resist water for longer. While Hydrophobic down jackets are by no means waterproof, this is a big step forward for our rather damp British climate. The main benefits are:

  1. Dries faster
  2. Repels water for longer
  3. Retains Loft even when damp, to keep you warm

Both Berghaus (HydroDown™) and Rab (Hydrophobic Down) are using this in a few of their products already, and having checked them out as part of our new range, we’re very excited for customers to come into stores and check them out for themselves.

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