Barking Mad

What to wear for dog walking in all conditions! 

Following the story that Kherson in the Ukraine now has a law that states it is “illegal for dogs to bark between the hours of 10pm and 8am”  in order to ensure a quieter community, we wondered how the animal loving Brits would take a similar law! As well as being hard to enforce, this law would have to account for the 27 million pets in the UK!

A study in March of this year by the Blue Cross showed that of this number, 7.3 million are dogs, and that 43% of households have at least one pet.

So what do you need as a pet owner?  Most animals don’t involve much outdoors action- unless you own a dog that is! If you’ve got a dog, you need the right gear to be out in all conditions so you stay dry and warm whilst they get exercise crucial to their health and mental wellbeing.

So what do you need to get to wear dog walking?

We recommend:

  • A 3 in 1 waterproof jacket which can be worn with or without the fleece, or with the fleece alone, weather dependent. Look for deep pockets for poo bags, your lead and some treats, reflective features for late night walks and a good hood for downpour protection. Try getting a fleece with medium thickness so it can be worn in Summer and early Autumn too.
  • Waterproof overtrousers – These are great for throwing on over your work clothes or jeans when you get in and need to go.
  • A pair of warm gloves and a waterproof hat for wet and cold days
  • Walking boots for long, hilly weekend walks spent chasing squirrels!
  • Wellies for extreme wet conditions or for when your dragged about a boggy field!
  • A short sleeved baselayer for summer and a long sleeved for winter. A synthetic absorbs moisture and sweat to keep you cool, not clammy.
  • Walking trousers with rip resistance that can last and last.
  • And most importantly- Thick warm socks for cold mornings!

Happy dog walking!