A Guide to Fishing Bivvies

Staying protected when by the bank is key, especially if you’re fishing in the UK. That’s where the bivvy comes in. Bivvies allow anglers to stay out, rain or shine, in order to catch their next target.

Mostly used by overnight carp anglers, the bivvy is an essential piece of kit. In this guide to fishing bivvies, we will discuss why you need one, how to pick the right one and how to accessorise them to suit your exact preferences.

What is a Fishing Bivvy?

First up, let’s talk about what a fishing bivvy actually is. A fishing bivvy is similar to a tent, but with the sole aim of protecting you from the elements. They are most commonly used by overnight carp anglers for shelter by the bank. Fishing bivvies are easy to erect and provide waterproof protection, as well as thermal insulation. Often constructed from heavy-duty fabrics, bivvies are an all-season shelter that can tackle cold, windy and wet conditions, as well as provide protection from the sun.

Why Do Anglers Choose Bivvies?

Whilst tents have been made primarily as somewhere to sleep, bivvies are designed especially for fishing, with all practicalities in mind. They’re waterproof, windproof, offer thermal insulation and supply protection from the sun. They offer a roomy headspace and a maximised interior space to allow anglers practical space for luggage, tackle and a bed chair.

Another huge bonus of a bivvy, is the removable front. Unlike tents, the front of a bivvy can be removed, creating a shelter. This allows anglers to have their rods resting outside of the tent. And if the weather gets bad? It can be returned to a closed bivvy. The colour is also important. You will find that bivvies are finished with greens, browns and camouflage colours, rather than the blues and reds you will see with tents. Blending into your surroundings is important when hunting for your next catch.

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What is a Day Shelter?

Sometimes a full blown bivvy isn’t always necessary. A day shelter is an open fronted bivvy, offering enough protection for a day full of fishing.

Bivvy Accessories

From lights, to alarms, to cushions for a comfy sleep, there are a multitude of additional accessories which you can have with a bivvy. You will also find a range of overwraps to choose from – these can be added to your bivvy to supply extra protection for those extra cold and rainy days.

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