Air Tents Improve Marital Bliss say Experts

Camping frustration lowers by up to 40% 

New research shows that tensions among family campers are finally being eased, due to the innovation of inflatable tents. The ability to pitch in minutes is said to be giving couples less time to argue about the instructions, and more time to relax.

Camping has long been seen as a way to relax, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race and get back to nature. While this is generally the case, some couples say they find camping as stressful as moving house. Scenes throughout the UK of ‘first day frustrations’ on campsites often mean that a relaxing holiday can be ruined from the very start. The main reason was cited as erection issues. Tent erection, that is.

Fibre glass pole tents have long been a staple of the camping community ranging from space enough to fit a man and his bag, all the way up to what looks like a canvas version of an aircraft hanger. It’s these larger family tents that cause the biggest issues for couples, with many having to choose between the struggle of pitching alone, or working in harmony with another to make sure your home away from home is pitched correctly and will hold up to the ever changing UK weather.

A study from the health and psychology council of Barnsley found that the rise in popularity of camping since the start of the recession can actually be linked with the rise in marital disputes.

In 2014 this number started to fall by around 40%* with the innovation of inflatable tents, the research found. Inflatable tents such as Airbeam by Vango or Airgo by Hi Gear are actually promoting a more harmonious campsite, due to them inflating in minutes.

Lyn Bassoon of the health and psychology council stated: “We all love camping, but you always notice that one family on site that got into an argument over how a tent should be pitched. This was usually made more awkward by other families pretending they couldn’t hear the arguing, but finding jobs to do outside their own tents so they could secretly listen in.”

She continued “I went camping last summer and noticed many more inflatable tents were on site, and couples were actually laughing and enjoying their time, they took it in turns to pump up the beams and within minutes of arrival, they were in their chairs an enjoying a drink.”

Based on these findings, a full research project into the subject was commissioned and concluded that inflatable tents were indeed lowering ‘tent turmoil’ and in some cases actually prevented unnecessary divorce.

At GO Outdoors we wanted to confirm these findings and went into one of our stores to ask customers who were picking up inflatable tents. “We are giving it another go, camping. I loved our old tent but he just refused to read the instructions, it took him about 3 hours one year. It’s embarrassing more than anything.” said Kim Lowe of Loughborough. “To be honest, being able to pitch it by myself, and the thing going up in a few minutes was a big plus point for me. She usually gives me about 10 minutes before she starts having a go at me, and in that time ive got the tent pitched and pegged in. Happy days” claimed Mick from Sheffield.

If you’re camping over the Easter weekend, make sure you practice pitch your tent. Don’t be the couple on site yelling at each other pitching the tent into the night.


*Figures correct as of 1st April 2016