Basecamp Events coming to GO Outdoors stores

GO Outdoors stores encourage local walkers with advice event

Over the next few weeks GO Outdoors stores around the country will host Basecamp events in store.  These events will offer advice and safety tips to local walkers, as part of the walk around the world in 80 days challenge. For a full list of dates and participating stores.

These events will also see a presentation from the folks at Mammut (certain stores); offering advice and boot fitting for their fantastic line of gear. Did we mention that they also bring a huge inflatable mammoth with them as well?

Mammut have also kindly given us small plush mammoths to sell on their behalf, with the money raised going to Mountain Rescue charities.

The event is to celebrate walking and inspire people to take part in the 80 days walking challenge. We’re looking for our customers to pledge their walking miles and help us walk the  25,000 miles around the earth. Every little helps, so head over to 80 days challenge and start pledging your miles today.

The events take place at the following times:

  • Weekdays 12 pm until 7 pm.
  • Saturday From 9 am until 4.30 pm
  • Sunday 10 am – 4 pm


Basecamp Store Events

09/08/2013 Coventry (Mammut attending)
10/08/2013 Wolverhampton (Mammut attending)
11/08/2013 Kidderminster (Mammut attending)
13/08/2013 Bristol
14/08/2013 Harlow
17/08/2013 Edgware Road, Colindale (Mammut attending)
18/08/2013 Basildon (Mammut attending)
19/08/2013 Colchester
19/08/2013 Lakeside
20/08/2013 Basingstoke
22/08/2013 Exeter
22/08/2013 Swansea
24/08/2013 Erdington (Mammut attending)
24/08/2013 Stockport (Mammut attending)
25/08/2013 Loughborough (Mammut attending)
25/08/2013 Manchester (Mammut attending)
30/08/2013 Inverness (Mammut attending)
31/08/2013 Clydebank (Mammut attending)
01/09/2013 Penrith (Mammut attending)
04/09/2013 Gloucester
06/09/2013 York (Mammut attending)
07/09/2013 Newcastle (Mammut attending)
08/09/2013 Stockton (Mammut attending)
11/09/2013 Norwich
13/09/2013 Blackburn (Mammut attending)
13/09/2013 Swindon (Mammut attending)
14/09/2013 Oxford (Mammut attending)
14/09/2013 Warrington (Mammut attending)
15/09/2013 Milton Keynes (Mammut attending)
15/09/2013 Wigan (Mammut attending)
19/09/2013 Chester
21/09/2013 Scunthorpe (Mammut attending)
21/09/2013 Southampton (Mammut attending)
22/09/2013 Sheffield (Mammut attending)
25/09/2013 Plymouth