Beginners Cycling Checklist

Join the two-wheels revolution

Cycling has boomed in the UK since the Olympics in 2012 and the Tour de France in 2014. More and more we customers approaching us about what you really need to get started with cycling, whether that be as a hobby or as a cheaper commuting alternative.

We’ve compiled a list featuring some of the basics to consider.

Like many hobbies, it can be baffling to know the difference between gear the cheaper end of the scale, and the dedicated high cost, high end items. For those starting out, we’d always advise to set yourself a budget and work from there.

The term ‘cycling’ covers so many different varieties including: Mountain biking, BMXing, touring, road cycling, commuting, triathlon, cyclocross and lots more. Whatever area you are interested in will have it’s own recommended kit.

For the purpose of this list we have chosen the most popular areas. Commuting and Leisure.

Please note: This list is merely a suggestion, and just a starting point.



You can download our cycling checklist to bring to store with you, by clicking here.