NEW Berghaus Extrem Range Launching in 2016

Berghaus gears up for exclusive re-launch of Extrem 

Impossible is an invitation; for the most committed of climbers to achieve the most improbable objectives, for mountaineers to push on through unsympathetic scenes of wind, rain and snow and for Berghaus’ MtnHaus™ design and development team to completely redesign and re-launch its top-end clothing range, Extrem, for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Developed, after more than two years in the making, to provide adventurers with the freedom and comfort to test their true extremes the all-new Extrem range will soon be available in an exclusive pre-launch with GO Outdoors.

Close collaboration, feedback and testing to destruction with Berghaus athletes Leo Houlding and Mick Fowler – has culminated in two pinnacle pieces for Extrem with stand-out feature sets that guarantee the gear is worthy of its Extrem label – now synonymous with innovation.

The 8000 Pro: crowned best in class at the 2016 ISPO Awards, this world class waterproof mountaineering jacket provides unimpeded movement in the most challenging of conditions.

With the 8000 Pro you will always be reaching up

XPANSE ™ BACK: Engineered to give you total freedom of movement across the shoulders and back. Its unique articulated stretch lets you make hard moves in harsh environments

XPANSE ™ HOOD: The Berghaus MtnHaus team turned conventional thinking on its head with Xpanse™ Hood, using a series of magnets to make it easy to adjust the fit. You pull up to expand, then release to close. No more excess fabric just a supremely comfortable fit.

STORM PROTECTION: The AquaGuard® Vision® Matte zip features a super narrow exposure for maximum protection from storms and blizzards. It slides freely in freezing wet conditions, and it zips from front or back so it’s easy to use when wearing a backpack or climbing harness.

“It feels like you’ve got armour on” Leo Houlding tested the 8000 Pro prototype while scaling Mirror Wall, a towering 1200m sheer granite cliff in Greenland said:


The Ramche 2.0: the new standard in mountaineering down jackets, creating unstoppable warmth and maximum comfort.  Ramche 2.0 is the lightest and warmest down jacket to date.

The Ramche 2.0: Putting yourself in discomfort has never been more comfortable

CONSTRUCTION: To keep it warm, Berghaus designers engineered every down baffle and used body-mapping technology to target precision heat zones. To keep it light they used 7 denier face fabric, which is 200 per cent stronger than equivalent weight fabrics.

HYDRADOWN®: With Hydrodown® powered by Nikwax, this revolutionary material is PFC-free, repels water for up to 16 hours and is certified ethical by the RDS. Its internal reflect mesh keeps the body not just dry but up to two degrees warmer too.

Tested to destruction on Mick Fowlers recent Himalayan trip, Mick’s abseil-ravaged Ramche remained, remarkably, in one piece after being caught, mid-descent, in his belay device.

Available exclusively, from 01.07.16 – 31.07.16, in selected stores and online at GO Outdoors the all-new Extrem collection also features a series of waterproof shells, down, fleece and waterproof pants.

Richard Leedham, Berghaus brand president said: “The Extrem collection represents the pinnacle of Berghaus product innovation, fuelled by our hugely talented team of designers, materials experts and developers. The Extrem 8000 Pro has been in the pipeline for over two years and I’ve seen close up just how much hard work and attention to detail has been put into every single element of the jacket. We’re really proud of the final product, which is a very worthy successor of every piece of Extrem kit that has gone before it.”


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