Berghaus New Range 2011

Brand Focus: Berghaus

It’s always exciting when the season’s change and new stock arrives, from what we hear from customers, you guys get excited about it as well. One brand that never fails to impress is Berghaus. Popular with experienced walkers and outdoor people right through to the high street Berghaus make timeless pieces that will not only protect you from the elements, but also have a stylish look to boot. Berghaus are one of our highest rated brands online at GO Outdoors, customers love to tell us how they tested their waterproof jackets, fleeces or walking boots to the limits.  One thing about Berghaus is that they try to keep the outdoors accessible to all, prices vary depending on the technicality of the garment. It’s always easy to pick out a Berghaus jackets from the little red and blue logo, usually found on the back of the collar.

Berghaus which translates from German to mean ‘Mountain Centre’ is a brand that emerged as one of the premier UK Outdoor brands in the sixties and has continued to innovate ever since. Arguably one of the more famous outdoor brands due to it’s reach into the high street, Berghaus is a name that can be trusted. This year marks 45 years since the dream all began for Berghaus and the 2011 range really lives up to the name.

Customer Favourite: Berghaus RG1 Jacket

Listening to our customers on what they rate well and like we brought back a few of the Berghaus staples, the favourites that never disappoint including Bergahus Explorer Trek walking boots, The entry level RG1 and Calisto jackets and the Spectrum fleeces.

While many of the classics from Berghaus remain unchanged, a lot have had an upgrade with new colour ranges available.


As well as bringing back the favourites, our buyers have also reached out to pick out some future classics. In our new range we have a couple of new faces among the softshell jackets, packs, walking trousers and even a few for the kids.

The product at the top of this blog is the Ardennes Softshell, a great softshell jacket new to our stores in 2011  and makes an ideal windproof jacket for the active outdoors person. The Ardennes is a men’s

jacket, but a women’s version is available in the Calva jacket.

Berghaus Torridon 65 Rucksack

Not only jackets, a few new packs are also available including the Remote 25 and the Torridon Rucksack. We took a look at the Torridon here are head office and this looks like a great robust rucksack

with all the extras you would need for a long hike. The back is designed to keep you comfortable, it’s hydration pack compatible, and has places for your walking poles. A definite recommendation.

With the weather on the change, the wet weather seems to be here for the long haul. The new 2011 Berghaus range is designed to protect you from anything the British climate has to throw at you. Why not pop into your local store and check the new stuff out for yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

Check out our Berghaus Clothing range here

– Brandon