13 Camping Desserts to Try on Your Next Trip

13 Camping Desserts to Tempt the Sweet Tooth

If you’re like me, then dessert is the best meal of the day. We’ve put together a list of 13 desserts that are worth trying on your next camping trip. Some take some at home prep, some can be made at your tent – but all can be devoured outside your canvas home. Now I must warn you – I am not here to be your diet’s friend, and I’m not even sorry.

1. Baileys dipped Marshmallows

We all love toasted marshmallows, but when the kids are asleep, why not elevate that old favourite with a touch of Bailey’s Irish Cream? Recipe


2. Berry, Chocolate and Cake Skillet


Really simple to make, and great to share. This pan medley will have the kids coming back for more, the best bit is – you can use whatever you like. Recipe


3. Easy Bake Camping Apples


A short time preparing these apples ahead of your trip will make for a quick and easy desert on arrival. The filling can be defined by your taste. Recipe


4. Caramelised Brown Sugar Cinnamon Grilled Pineapple


Personally I love cinnamon, I know it’s not a big favourite here in the UK, but with this recipe you really can’t go wrong. It’s worth giving a try, as it’s really easy to make. Recipe


5. S’Moreo


Oh right so this is heaven? Sweet, sweet sickly heaven. Recipe


6. Grilled Fruit Kebabs


A nice healthier option after all the calories above, with our without the yoghurt dip – this one is a winner. Just make sure you don’t put them on the barbecue after the burgers. Recipe


7. S’Mores Nachos


A great alternative to traditional S’Mores if you’re not comfortable letting kids roast their own ingredients, this method puts it all straight in a tin on the grill and creates a lovely little sharing plate. Recipe is American, so substitute American brands with items you can find in your local supermarket. Recipe


8. Barbecued Apple Crisp


This recipe can be easily prepared and wrapped in foil before your trip, and when you’re at the campsite, just throw the foil onto the barbecue. Simple and tasty. Recipe


9. Grilled Chocolate Banana


A bit of a classic on the camping dessert season, cheap and easy to make – the foil wrapped grilled banana (Or you could cook without foil and leave the banana in it’s skin). Recipe


10. Campfire Cones


With just some empty ice cream waffle cones and a selection of your favourite s’mores ingredients, these campfire cones make less mess and kids don’t need to roast their own ingredients. Simple and easy to make, and quick to heat up. All the family can get involved filling the cones too. Recipe


11. Strawberry Brownie Skewers


Without the chocolate drizzle these skewers are so simple to make and can be eaten grilled or not. Recipe


12. Rolo Stuff Marshmallows


No. recipe. needed. Standard grilled marshmallows that have been taken to the next level with a mini Rolo stuffed inside (these are available in bags at most supermarkets).


13. Campfire Cake


Well that’s dessert sorted, what about the rest of your meals? Fear not, we’ve got your covered. Why not push your outdoor cooking to the next level with our FREE printable Camping Cookbook. Click here to find out more.