Host Your Own Camping Sports Event

Dads, lets not get too competitive now.

Inspired by the 2016 games in Rio, we were thinking how fun it would be to host your own family games on the campsite this summer (you could even get your fellow campers involved to up the competition). Here we’ve put together some ideas for events to host in your own games, but the beauty is, the event can be as big as you like.

The best thing about camping is spending some quality time with the family, ¬†and friends. These events aren’t just for kids, they make for great (very competitive) fun with friends too (trust me i’m still smarting from coming 3rd when camping with friends nearly 5 years ago now). Add your own prizes and forfeits.

Track & Field

Run, walk – just take part!

3 Legged Race

For this you’ll need a partner, stand together and tie your inside legs together. Set out a finish line a distance away and whichever pair can hobble to the end first, wins!


Wheelbarrow Race

Another race for pairs. One person lay on their front, the other pick up their legs, the pair walk forward as fast as they can (except one is walking with their hands!)


Egg & Spoon Race

The school sports day favourite. Grab yourself a box of eggs and depending on how risky you’re feeling, it’s worth hardboiling them so you don’t have to clean egg from the grass around your tent. Everyone gets an egg and a spoon, first over the line is the winner.


Obstacle Race

Create your own course, as difficult or easy as you like, as long or as short as you like and the fastest time through the course wins.


Standing Broad Jump

Another easy set up, all you need is a line and something to mark distance with. From a standing position who can jump the furthest distance. Adults, set your own handicap – you’re much taller.


Long Jump

This one is best saved for a day at the beach for safety. Same method as the broad jump, but this time you take a running jump rather than a standing jump.


Shot Put

Well not quite. In fact not at all. Create yourself a target with a bullseye and gradually larger rings around it. The middle scores the most points, and every ring outward scores slightly less. Grab a ball (french boules work well) and with an underarm throw, try score as many points as possible over a number of attempts. For added difficulty, use the opposite hand to your writing hand.


Welly Wanging

It’s not unheard of that during your summer holidays in Britain, you may need a pair of wellies. If you’ve got a pair with you, you’ve got the equipment to welly wang. Get yourself in some open space (as we dont want any injuries or any other tents to be damaged). Loosen the wellington on your foot, take a run up, kick your leg and let the welly fly. Furthest wins.



The options for relays are endless, just split yourselves into teams and agree the course. This could incorporate your obstacle course, running with a bucket of water (whoever has the most water at the end wins), create your own ideas, the more difficult it is, the funnier it inevitably gets.


Sport Events

Some of these events may involve local attractions or on-site facilities (depending on what is available)



Sets are easy to come by, and there really isn’t much need for a net. Just set out a boundary between the two players and play as normal.


Free Throws

A game possible if your campsite has a basketball net. Try to get 5 baskets from a designated distance, count how many attempts it takes you.


Pool / Table Football / Air Hockey

Most campsites have a pool table or table football, set up a tournament for a rainy day during your holiday and keep your games going. Round robin events work well for this game.


Miniature Golf

An activity that is relatively low cost, and pretty easy to find. A great away day from the campsite. Not got a course nearby? Create your own with a kids plastic golf set.



Ideal with a kids skittle set, or create your own with part full water bottles. Grab yourself a suitable ball to knock them down.



The classic campsite game. You will need a decent ammount of space for this, plus a good number of people to be able to split into teams. (We’d recommend at least 6 per team). Set up 4 bases, the bowler throws under arm to the batter who regardless of whether or not they hit the ball or not, has to run to at least the first base. Never played rounders? Check here for more information.



The ultimate test of whether or not parents are competitive or not, set yourself up a small cricket set and don’t slog the ball to the other side of the campsite, nobody like that guy!


Non-physical activity

Give the muscles a rest, these activities can be handled inside the tent if the weather takes a turn for the worst.


Card Games

Depending on the age of the people playing, choose a card game that suits the group. A game where players drop out one by one would work best for the points system.


Board Games

Take some time out and play a board game. When ive done this previously, we found it was a great idea to head into the local town to a charity shop and pick out a random game. This gives everyone an even playing field (and you do find some random games) plus you’re buying for a good cause.


Straw Football

Take two straws, create two goals and using only your breath, blow the ping pong ball into the opponents net. We’d recommend using a specific surface for this rather than the tent floor, you don’t want to be clearing up drool from your nice tent living area.


Point System
For¬†the series of events to work, you can’t simply look for a winner. Everyone needs to earn designated points (even if this is zero). Count up the points at the end of your games and find out who the winner is.


1st Place: 5 points
2nd Place: 4 points
3rd Place: 3 points
4th Place: 2 points
5th Place: 1 point
6th+ : 0 Points

Simply amend the point system to suit your activity and the amount of people playing.

We hope you all enjoy your summer of sport, if you do host your own games, be sure to send us a photo via twitter or facebook

Got any other events you would add in? Let us know in the comments below.