Climbing with purpose – Mark Moore

Mark takes on the weather on Scafell Pike

My partner and I decided that we would take turns raising money for charity each year, after our daughter was diagnosed with C.F. And this year was my turn…

I decided to climb Scafell Pike as I fancied doing something outdoors and being the highest peak in England, it had that certain element of grandeur to it. I was already aware that a couple of the customers that come into my place of work were keen hikers so after speaking to them I decided to let them organise the trip and I would concentrate on the fundraising. We stayed at the ‘Backpackers Lodge’ in Ambleside, highly recommended, and started the walk from the car park of ‘the old dungeon ghyll’

Reading the map as we entered the farm I was still unaware what lay ahead…

We climbed the band, heading towards Bowfell, taking in some beautiful sites. Until we reached three tarns, we walked into the clouds and did not come out for what seemed like the entire day. We passed the great slab (only just able to make it out) and climbed onto our first peak of the day Bowfell. After a spot of refuelling we set off again and headed towards our next destination, Esk Pike. The walk was now starting to take its toll on some of the party as they hit the so called wall. We managed to reach Esk Pike before heading for a spot of lunch at Broad crag, we then marched on and made the final climb up scafell pike in heavy fog/cloud only to be met at the top by 50 – 60 mph winds! needless to say two or three pictures a quick congratulations and a “lets get out of this wind”

The moment we were back on the path to broad crag… the rain started, and the wind drove that rain down, sideways upwards, no matter which way we faced we were getting wet. We headed back along the path we came until we had Bowfell in sight, at which point our guide decided that as it was my first time in the area he wanted to show me angle tarn and rossett gill!

After 9 hours and 23 miles, we finally got back to the car park wet through cold yet with a massive sense of achievement and I had been bitten by the bug for hiking!

That was May this year, we raised £1500 for C.F. Dream holidays, and as my second climb I scaled Ben Nevis in September (Sat 10 to be precise, 5 days ago) I now have a date of November 6 for climbing Snowdon, I’m told we are going on the Crib Goch route! (Can’t wait for a simple walk in the hills) All three peaks in my first year of hiking that’s my story of 2011.

Mark Moore