Clydebank’s Bonnie on the Isle of Arran

A foggy day in the hills

My name is Bonnie and I work in the Clydebank branch of GO Outdoors as the outdoor footwear senior. I am also currently attending college and I am taking the HND Outdoor Education course with hopes of one day becoming an outdoor instructor. On my days off work you will usually find me either on the water, playing around in kayaks, rafts or canoes, or up in the hills getting completely lost and scrambling all over the place.

I recently took a short trip with a friend over to the Isle of Arran with the intention of climbing 3 out of the 4 Corbetts on the island, Beinn Nuis (792m), Beinn Tarsuinn (826m) and Cir Mhor (799m). The weather forecast had predicted a couple of good days for walking so the weather I was expecting was overcast with sunny spells and with a high of 16 degrees.

So in true Scottish fashion there were also 60mph winds to contend with… Just to keep us on our toes! Due to the wind unfortunately we were only able to get to the top of Cir Mhor, and even that was a mission! It was a great climb but visibility was poor, if it had been a clear day it would have given spectacular views of Arran as the peak is right in the middle of the horseshoe of hills in the area.

I would definitely recommend this walk as you cover a variety of terrains, from lowland valley walking to scrambling over massive boulders near the peak; it offers a great challenge to anyone willing to give it a try.




That’s Bonnie’s story,

Many members of our store and head office staff take part in a variety of outdoor pursuits, whether climbing, walking, cycling, running and much more. Pop into our stores if you have any questions or you’re just looking for some extra advice on what gear to pick up.