Competition! – Top tips for camping

We took the chance to get some top tips from our customers, for anyone new to camping, the five best top tips got a free set of LED lights from our friends at Ring Automotive.

We take a look at the winners and their tips! Plus a few more.

The winners

Nigel ‘Wolfy’ Aston –
When buying your first tent, buy one larger than the number of people you need it for, too ensure you have space to store your kit as well. E.g. for 2 people buy a 3 man.

Andy Oakey –
Always when you buy a tent, put it up before you go to find how to put it up or find anything wrong with it.

Aaron Cornish –
Always, always, always double check everything before you leave! Nothing worse than turning up in a field without your mallet or any tent pegs! Lists are your friend.

Joss Pentland –
After camping trips, before collapsing your tent, brush and wipe out the internal groundsheet. When back home, don’t be tempted to put your tent away to see too later. Make sure you re-unpack it and open it out for any additional cleaning and complete drying. Make sure you re-waterproof occasionally, treat with UV protection and treat for mildew at the first sign of it.

Collette Calinski –
Never take a bbq into your tent, no matter how cold it might be. Carbon monoxide emitted from them can kill or at the make u really very poorly. Leave it outside and fill yourself a hot water bottle instead.

A few more, not to be missed!

Diana Cotter –
However scenic the view, remember that Scottish midges are much fiercer than their English counterparts and don’t camp too close to water. They come out in their hordes at twilight and we ended up barricading ourselves in the tent, filling every gap with spare socks and towels.

Rob Cogman –
Take these lights, because going for a pee with a torch in your mouth is so last year!

Collette Collier –
Don’t worry if you forget something, there’s always a go outdoors close by..!!! :0)

Jodi Lane –
As a first time camper (yrs ago) we borrowed a Union Jack designed, 3 man dome tent, we mistook the top of the tent for a flag, and therefore had nothing but mesh between us and the sky. Don’t do that. It makes for a cold and wet night. Instead Clip the ‘flag’ into place over the mesh and enjoy having a ceiling.

Andrew Willis –
A good sense of humour and a raincoat would be a good place to start.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and all your top tips!