Q&A with Countrywise Presenter Liz Bonnin

We sit down with Liz Bonnin of Countrywise for a live Q&A 

At GO Outdoors we love Countrywise (Mondays ITV 8PM), a wonderful weekly trip around the great British countryside. This week we had the fortune to sit down and host a live Q&A with presenter Liz Bonnin. You may have also seen Liz on shows such as Star Gazing Live, and Operation Snow Tiger among others.

We asked our followers for questions, and they didn’t disappoint.

Q. Where is your favourite UK national park & why?

Liz: “Cairngorms, it’s pretty stunning up there. One of my favourite places not only because of the landscapes but nature such as capercaillie”


Q. I loved watching “Operation Snow Tiger” and watching the gorgeous tigers. Has the situation improved for them since you did the program?

Liz: “Unfortunately not.. Poaching is still rife and one of our tigers wandered into China where there is little protection for them, but conservationists are working very hard to save the remaining 300 and as long as there is support there is hope.”


Q. @fuzzysemi46: What experience has given you the most gratification & what would you still like to achieve?

Liz: “Seen incredible wildlife in many places.. Tiger habitats are probably my faves but I’d love to see snow leopards in the wild.”


Q. Was there anything you filmed for Countrywise that you wish you could have spent more time doing?

Liz: “I would have loved to spend more time on Lundy Island, and spent a week or two there – it’s a fantastic place!”


Q. @whimbrels: How do we ordinary citizens contribute to wildlife conservation

Liz: “Many organisations ask for people to help them survey and monitor animals plants and insects. Great way to help protect wildlife”


Q. @CGilmington: how did you get into nature?

Liz: “I grew up surrounded by nature. From a young age I was fascinated by animals and wanted to know how everything worked.”


Q. You’ve worked on plenty of different science based projects, is the natural world your favourite subject matter? Or something else?

Liz: “The natural world really involves everything in the universe so in that sense I am interested in the natural world! All the sciences from physics, chemistry, biology to genetics, astronomy all help us to understand the world. That’s what science is, and it’s why I love it”


Q. Is there an animal still on your ‘must-see’ list that you haven’t yet encountered?

Liz: “There are so many still! But as a big cat lover, I would really love to encounter snow leopards”


Q. They say never work with children or animals – have you ever had any issues while filming?

Liz: “They’re right! Had risky encounter with a tiger, got too near and she roared her head off and shook our very core. Will never forget it”


We’d like to say thank you to everybody on Facebook and Twitter who sent in their questions, and a big thank you to Liz for taking the time to answer them for us.

Don’t forget to tune in every Monday at 8pm on ITV. We live tweet the show each week at our twitter account @GOoutdoors.