New Sustainability in Adventure Wear: Craghoppers CO2Renu

With its new CO2 Renu Collection, British outdoor brand, Craghoppers, is pioneering a new approach to sustainability. By capturing carbon dioxide and using chemical processes to turn it into polyester fabric, Craghoppers is reducing greenhouse gasses and setting a new standard in the apparel industry.

CO2Renu: Environmental Impact Reduction

Craghoppers, a brand that is already known for its durable, well-designed outdoor clothing, is now adding materials innovation to its repertoire. CO2Renu removes carbon dioxide, generated during the production of clothing, from the atmosphere.

The CO2Renu collection is possible thanks to LanzaTech, a company which develops processes to capture and re-use carbon. LanzaTech’s process adds biocatalysts to carbon emissions to create mono-ethylene glycol (MEG), a chief building block of polyester. “Bio3 Carbon Smart Polyester” fibres are blended with recycled material to create performance fabrics used in outdoor clothing.

This carbon-negative transformation reduces Craghoppers’ carbon emissions and reliance on oil-based materials. 

Traditional polyester production is dependent on non-renewable resources. By incorporating CO2Renu, Craghoppers slashes its carbon footprint, and sets a new benchmark for sustainability within the outdoor industry – a benchmark that Crags hopes will encourage other manufacturers to follow suit. 

The Benefits of CO2Renu Apparel 

CO2Renu apparel doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. The clothing maintains the durability, comfort, and functionality expected from Craghoppers’ products. These garments hold up to the rigours of outdoor adventures while lessening their impact on the environment. 

As the demand for environmentally responsible products grows, Craghoppers’ CO2Renu Collection sets a precedent for the future manufacture of adventure wear. It demonstrates that sustainable approaches can be seamlessly integrated into high-performance outdoor clothing without compromising quality or style. 

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