Customer Stories Winner – September

We pick a winner for our customer stories competition for September

It’s been an odd month for weather ranging from cold, to scorching, to wet, to dry but throughout this month we’ve asked our customers to send us in some of their outdoor tales which we have been posting on this blog (click here to read them all) After reading through them all ranging from short to really quite long we have picked a winner.

The winner for Septemeber is Bill Whyte of Ilkley.

Bill’s story ‘Wild swimming On the Thieves Road’ was a greatly detailed and yet funny tale of a walk he took with friend John. A humorous look into a walk that could have probably gone a lot better for the duo. To read Bill’s story click here.

For the winning submission Bill will receive a £50 GO Outdoors voucher to spend online at, we hope he enjoys the voucher and picks up plenty more outdoor gear to continue his adventures.

Don’t forget this is a rolling competition and you can continue sending in your stories for us to post. For full competition guidelines and rules click here.

Thanks to Bill for the story, and we hope the rest of you will join in the competition!

Don’t get lost out there..

– Brandon