Cycling Helping the Economy

More and more people are getting on their Bike in the UK 

In a recent news article in the BBC, they state that the cycling industry is actually improving the British economy, claiming that it creates £3 billion a year. The figure takes into account cycle related employment, manufacturing and retail.

It’s a huge boost for cycling which is seeing increases year on year with more and more people looking to travel to work, get fit or simply spend time outdoors with the family.

If you are looking for some figures, how is this: £51 million raised for manufacturers over the 3.7 million bicycles that were sold in the UK last year, a number which is 28% up on the previous year. It’s clear to see the added promotion from the government, with events like sky ride, and added cycle routes that more Brits are opting for two wheels rather than their car or the bus.

Figures state that over a million people took up cycling last year which takes the total number of UK cyclists to 13 million. With the Olympics on the horizon, the Government hopes that it will inspire more youngsters to emulate their favourite athletes and get involved in the sports. The artistic looking velodrome in London will be a focus for the UK team especially after Chris Hoy picked up Gold in the cycling at the last Olympic games.

There has never been a better time to take up cycling, whether you like off roading on mountain bikes, or you’re looking for a simple road bike for riding to work, there are plenty of great deals on bikes without breaking the budget for those just starting out. If you do decide to take up cycling, remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment, and check out the ‘Rules of Cyclists’ section of the highway code.

Are you an avid cyclist? Is your Bike for commuting or for a hobby?

We would love to hear from you if you have any great tips for those looking to start. Just leave us a comment below.

– Brandon