Ellesse: Tailor-Made for Sport

From Small Town Tailor to International Sportswear Brand

The early beginnings of many iconic outdoor brands start with a need for something that can’t be found. And that can be said for Leonardo Servadio, the founder of Ellesse. Servadio had a dream of ski and sportswear that was both stylish and practical. Born into a family of textile merchants, Servadio’s tailored approach and spirit made Ellesse a reality, creating apparel for two of the most iconic Italian sports: skiing and tennis.

You can see his dream come to life in the famous ‘half-ball’ Ellesse logo, which combines a cross section of a tennis ball with the tips of a pair of skis. This logo still goes strong today, showing Ellesse stick with their heritage in these sports, even as they continue to venture out into new markets.

Ellesse have been providing premium sportswear for over 60 years now and have been changing the sports fashion industry ever since. Ellesse were one of the first brands ever to place their logo on the outside of clothes which, as we now know, was copied by other brands worldwide to become what is considered the norm nowadays.

Did you know: Ellesse actually gets its name from the founder’s initials L.S.

Ellesse have also been involved in countless sporting events across the world over the years, establishing a legacy for themselves in the sporting world. They sponsored the Italian national football team in the 1982 World Cup, which they actually went on to win. Plus French alpine ski racer Jean-Luc Cretier won his gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games whilst wearing Ellesse gear; an image that graced the cover of Time Magazine, well and truly cementing Ellesse as an iconic sportswear brand.

Fast forward to today and while ski and tennis both live on in Ellesse’s heritage and designs, the brand has evolved to be as much a fashion label as it is a sportswear one. But we can’t forget the roots of this iconic brand and how the legacy of Leonardo Servadio’s dream continues to influence the contemporary fashion trends of today. That’s why we wanted to give you the chance to look back through some of Ellesse’s most iconic and memorable designs

Which brings us to Ellesse’s new range at GO Outdoors. Taking us back with some classic ski designs, the new range features some incredible ski jackets such as the new Drummond Jacket or Colledge Ski Jacket; both guaranteed to keep you warm and dry when you hit the slopes. This stunning range also features reliable baselayers that’ll keep you nice and warm no matter where you are. Ellesse are offering support on the mountain as well with their new Salopettes, available for both men and women. You can shop the range here.

Since their birth in 1959 Ellesse have been making their mark in both sportswear and fashion and continue to lead the charge whilst doing so, creating tailored Italian style garments with a sportswear twist that has become iconic worldwide and will continue to do so for years to come. Shop their new range on GO Outdoors now and find the deal for you!