Enduring the Para10 – Sean Russell

Sean endures the Para10 for charity

This weekend adventure took me to Cattrick Garrison. I travelled down over 200 miles to England where my friend and I, ran Para10.

Para10 is an endurance race that forms one stage of the parachute regiment testing. Personnel are to run 10 miles wearing military style boots, full length trousers and carrying a 35lb rucksack. Not only this but go up and down hills with an ascend of 1 in 7, water obstacles waist high and on tough terrain. Once a year the regiment opens the gates to allow civilians to run the course and raise money for charity. The time limit for para’s is 1hour 50 minutes and civilians 3 hours but with very little training I managed to complete in 2 hours 10 minutes. Its is a drulling test of nerve, restraint, determination and good old fashioned brute strength. It was testing and cruel and was so very enjoyable. I will compete next year to beat the para standard!

This is year was our first and we managed between the 2 of us to raise over £300. This is split between the regiment charity and help for heroes.

GO outdoors is my favourite outdoor retailer. So the majority of kit is from the website or Edinburgh store. As such I used your equipment during my race mainly walking socks and my rucksack, 60+lt Berghaus. After the race my fleece and waterproof jacket were donned as it did become rather wet and windy.

Sean Russell