10 Excuses to go on a Family Walk on Boxing Day

Unwind with a Boxing Day walk 

You’ve spent most of the last month driving yourself crazy about buying presents and making ‘the big day’ everything you’d hoped it would be. Christmas is fantastic family time, but for many, it’s still difficult to unwind (let’s not forget the members of the family cooking one of the most stressful meals of the year). Boxing Day is a time to breathe a sigh of relief, and a fantastic time to get outdoors and blow away the cobwebs. If you’re lucky enough not to have to work on Boxing Day, then why not gather up the family and head out for a walk? We’ve pulled together a list of reasons you can give, just in case anybody needs some persuasion.


1. Make way for more calories

Chances are that on Christmas day, you’re doing what most of us are doing and filling up on nearly 3 times the recommended daily calorie allowance. According to research the average Brit might consume around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. I know, nobody wants to know those figures. While it’d actually take you over 20 hours of walking to burn off the whole day, a couple of hours in the fresh air seems like a good place to start. Plus if your family is like mine – it’s more of the same Boxing Day night.



2. Clear away the cobwebs

Stressed from cooking Christmas dinner? Bucks fizz with breakfast and more to follow? A walk in the fresh air might be just what you need to cure that fuzzy head.



3. Lunch is already sorted

Leftover turkey and stuffing makes for great packed lunch sandwiches.


4. The Sales have probably already started

Long gone are the days of having to get up early to hit the Boxing Day sales, a lot of sales are likely to have already started (The GO Outdoors Sale is now on), and if they haven’t – they probably will on Christmas day. So beat the crowds by shopping early, or online.



5. Quality family time

Christmas is very much a family time, but amid the excitement and hustle and bustle of the day, you might not get to enjoy it as much as you like. Head outside, away from all those new toys you haven’t quite worked out how to get the batteries in yet, or the teenagers glued to their smartphones (we’re generalising here obviously) a family walk is an ideal way to cut off from the rush and enjoy each others company. Need to see relatives on Boxing Day? Why not meet them on a walk, it’s got to beat sitting in their house watching a Coronation Street omnibus on mute.


6. Speaking of TV..

Why not record the things on Boxing Day you’d like to watch, there are some very confusing days ahead between Christmas and New Year, probably best to save some TV for then.


Photo: http://amawalker.blogspot.co.uk/

7. Test out your new kit

Probably best to keep this excuse to yourself, but lets face it – it’s a fantastic chance to try out all that great new outdoor kit you got for Christmas.



8. Friendliest time of the year?

I’ve no science to back this up, but (and im sure some of you will agree) but boxing day walkers are often still full of Christmas spirit and everyone says hello as they pass.


9. There’s plenty of ideas out there

Just Google ‘Boxing day walks’ in your area and you’re likely to find plenty of pages filled with ideas of where to go. Try something new, or tread a well-worn path. Just be prepared for varying weather, and make sure you’re confident to complete the walk before it gets dark.

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Image: Neil Turner

10. Walks often lead to pubs

I’m not sure if there’s much science to this one either, but I imagine if there was it’d be something along the lines of: ‘9/10 of the best winter walks feature a cosy village pub’. Grab a coffee, hot chocolate or (if you’re ready) maybe a pint. All good walks deserve a good finishing point.