New for 2017: Ezy Dog

Ezy Dog lands at GO Outdoors with a bumper range 

We all love our four legged adventure buddies, and new for 2017 you’ll be able to pick from a great range of Ezy Dog products in GO outdoors stores and online. Here we take a look at what is available for your furry friend’s next outdoor adventure.


Element Dog Jacket

Even adventure dogs need protection from the elements, and that’s exactly what the Element Dog Jacket offers. With a soft fleece inner and a ripstop outer, the jacket is ideal in the cold and rain. The ease of adjustment means that your dog shouldn’t get tangled up as it runs around. Available in a range of sizes to suit a vast array of dogs.

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Snakpak Treat Bag & Snakpak Pro

All dogs love a reward, so whether they’re in training, or you just want to keep them quiet in the post-walk pub, the Snakpak from Ezy Dog has a waist strap to keep them out of your pockets and out of your way, with a magnetic opening meaning it’s easy access for you. The Snakpak pro also comes with a handy dispenser for waste bags, which makes it a utility belt so useful, that Batman would choose it for walking his dog.

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Summit Dog Backpack

Not to let your canine friend feel left out, they can now have a rucksack all of their own. If you’re out wild camping and your own pack space is limited, your dog can now share the load and carry some of their own gear in their handy summit rucksack. Just try not to overload them!

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Zero Shock Dog Leads

Our range of Ezy Dog zero shock leads are designed for comfort for both you and your dog. All dogs get a bit excited outdoors, and the bigger they are, the harder they tend to pull. The shock absorbing section on Ezy Dog leads are there to absorb some of the sudden jolt to prevent shoulder pain. Ezy Dog leads also come with a hand loop for traffic control when you need to keep your dog close by. These leads are available in a variety of styles and lengths to suit varying sizes of dog. (Available in black or purple)

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Road Runner Dog Lead

A great all round lead for outdoor activity. Combining the shock absorbing qualities of other Ezy Dog leads, the road runner can also be worn around the waist for running with your dog, or adjusted in size depending on your activity. The waist clip section can also be used as a tether, meaning that when the dog is tethered, they can wander around with the sudden jolt to the neck that a standard lead would give them, which makes it ideal for campsites! (Available in black or purple)

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Adventure Light

A durable, waterproof light that can attach to your dog lead, or your dog’s collar. The adventure light is a great way to keep an eye on your pooch in the dark. The light comes in white, blue or red and has a long battery life. We will also be stocking a light maintenance kit which contains a spare battery and strap, for when your light needs it.

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Quick Fit Harness

A simple neoprene harness with a single clip lock that is comfortable for your dog and secure when walking. Available in a variety of sizes in both black and purple colours.

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Chest Plate Harness

A harness made for the comfort of the dog and the convenience of the owner. When pulled, the chest plate will push against the chest rather than pulling on the throat as with most collar/lead combos. This gives you more control over your dog, and is especially useful for larger breeds.

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Classic Collar

A simple, comfortable, quick drying neoprene collar with a click closing system. Easy to clean and durable. Available in a vairiety of sizes in both black and purple.

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Double Up Collar

Similar technology to the classic collar, the double up collar features two d-rings for attaching your lead, making the collar that bit more durable if your dog is strong and likes to pull.

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So that’s just a quick look at our Ezy Dog range, videos are available on many of the products we stock to give you a good look at what they are all about.

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