Face to face with a snake – Frank Reader

Frank’s scaly encounter

Whilst living in South Africa, we found a deadly Puff Adder.

My Son found it by stepping backwards over it. On throwing a stick, we realised it was very much alive. Not content with that, My Son, caught a Puff Adder, & kept it in a box in the outside rooms. A cardboard box, While I was looking for paint, I saw this box, lifted the lid, to see a Puff Adder staring me in the face.

I warned the Wife, She said ‘no way’. Lifted the lid, One puff Adder staring at us both.

I phoned the snake park, they said they needed no more Puff Adders, told them I would kill it, they collected it.

Turned out, every body knew about the snake apart from us. Even the Electrician.

Frank Reader