How two faced! Two headed Ukrankian snake rears it’s heads.

Two headed snake found in Ukranian Zoo.

News of the two headed Ukranian snake has been the talk of the office today at GO Outdoors HQ. Based in a Urkranian zoo, a 2 foot long California Kingsnake comprises one snake’s body – with two totally independent heads.

Called ‘Skazka’ meaning ‘Fairy Tale’ after the Slavik tale of a two headed monster, the snake has been attracting plenty of fans at the zoo. Our snakes here in England aren’t too dangerous, and you’re out walking you’re more likely to meet an Adder or a grass snake than anything else. But if you do see a snake further afield, remember to stay away when possible. Don’t touch, prod, trap or poke it, however harmless you believe it to be. Sometimes, according to the CDC, the centre for disease control and prevention-  you might not even realise you’ve been bitten, especially in water. When you’re out, especially in tropical climates, look for puncture marks, swelling, and a change in breathing, vision, or any numbness or tingling. If you do see a snake biting you, try keep a note of what it looked like to get the right medication.

Stay calm, (as much as possible) which can help slow the spread of poisonous venom. Seek medical attention asap, and lay down and try to keep the bite below the heart level. Cover it with a clean dressing, not a tourniquet. Don’t attempt any Bear Grylls style rescues- such as opening the wound, sucking venom out, or even applying ice or water. And don’t drink alcohol- as tempting as it might be!

Hopefully this is advice you won’t need- but with two headed snakes about, that’s twice the danger!

Sssstay safe!