Family Camping Checklist

What do you need for that first family camping holiday?

At GO Outdoors we cater to people interested in the outdoors at all levels of experience,

from beginners through to seasoned explorers. With the rise in popularity of camping over the last few years, and more people choosing to holiday here within the UK – more and more we are presented with the simple question of – what do I need to take camping?

In this post we’re going to give you some ideas of gear to think about when it comes to your camping holiday.

Everyone has a different idea of what is needed for camping, and it’s generally based around the type of camper they are. This can range from the bare basics of the wild camper, to the mod-cons of the family that spend their holidays here in the UK.

It can be quite daunting to start off your camping hobby with no kit, so before we get to the family camping checklist, here are a few things to remember:

1) Don’t invest too much, too soon.
We hope you and your family enjoy camping, but it’s best to invest small early on and test the waters. Find a tent your comfortable with and work with the basic kit you need.

2) Build on what you have
You don’t need all the kit at once, you can build up your setup over time and replace when needed. This should help keep initial costs down (after all, the benefit of camping is it can be a really cost effective holiday option).

3) Practice makes perfect
If you’ve never camped before, you might have some issues pitching or putting away your tent the first few times. Over time and with more attempts this will get easier, it’s nothing to worry about – we’ve all been there.

4) Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask.
As well as our knowledgeable store staff, we’re also happy to answer any queries via our Facebook and Twitter pages. These communities can also offer a great chance to hear from other campers – got a specific non-gear related question? Ask us and we’ll post it out on Facebook/Twitter and you can get the opinions of like-minded campers.


What should I take camping?

We recommend using this checklist as a guide and working out what you and your family need while camping this summer. There will always be plenty to add, and some items that you simply may not need.

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Family Camping Checklist – An infographic by the team at GO Outdoors

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