Which famous person would you take camping?

Famous camping partners – who would get your invite? 

Easter is here, and for many it is usually the start of their camping Summer. This time last year we were facing double digit heat and an early Summer, while this year – there’s still snow on the ground for a lot of the UK. Since we know a lot of you have had to cancel your camping holidays for the weekend (not everyone likes the cold) we thought we’d take to Facebook and Twitter and ask our customers, If they could take a famous person camping, who would it be and why?

It’s one of those campfire questions that needs to be asked. Who do you pick? What merit do you look for? A cook? A comedian? An outdoors expert? Or somebody who could tell you stories into the night?- Oh and there were those who were happy just to be in the close confines of a tent with their selection.

We got plenty of answers, and here were some of the more popular ones:


Bear Grylls

It goes without saying really doesn’t it? Plenty of you voted for Bear, in fact he was our most popular choice by far. The reasons ranged from making him put up your tent, to using his survival skills to make sure you never went hungry. (Though I believe a lot of UK campsites do have a shop, so you might not have to hit the natural resources straight away). Bear continues to be the ever popular face of the outdoors, and lets face it, he’s definitely going to have a story or two to tell at night when all the kit is set up.


Kate Humble
Kate came as a suggestion from the GO Outdoors show‘s very own Mike Griffin, perhaps tired of taking Ollie camping, he’d replace him with a new co-host in Kate Humble. Yet another great face of the outdoors with some stories to share. This one got plenty of ‘likes’ on our Facebook page.


Ray Mears
One of these polls wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the man in khaki himself. Ray Mears much like Bear Grylls is somebody you want to task with building a shelter and making sure the food situation is always sorted. Once your tent is pitched, I have no doubt some of that bushcraft knowledge could make for some entertaining activities to go along with it.

Jeremy Clarkson
In a vast departure from the outdoor fraternity, a few of you chose Jeremy Clarkson as your ideal camping buddy. Now I’ve seen the episode of Top Gear where the boys went caravanning, I’m not sure Clarkson would have a great impression of camping under canvas. Can you imagine trying to fit your 6 man tent and gear into the boot of one of his sports cars?


The Human Torch
Finally with temperatures looking to stay around 0 degrees or lower this weekend, another well liked recommendation was Marvel Comics’ own ‘The Human Torch’ to keep the campers warm. Of course we’d recommend he stay outside of the tent as tents do not respond well to fire. He’s a pretty witty guy though, so who knows, he may be great company. We’d recommend you stick with a much safer camping heater though.

Here are a few more of our personal favourites:
Brian Cox – Physics by day, Astronomy by night. (Plus all those D:Ream cds!)
Julia Bradbury – For those walks over the weekend
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall – He could help with foraging for food
Steve Backshall of ‘The Deadly 60’ – He could help with the creepy crawlies.
Noel Gallagher – For songs around the campfire
Super Nanny – To get the kids in bed
Sir David Attenborough – Imagine the stories

Plus a special mention to the Comedians, our most popular category of famous person: Sarah Millican, Peter Kay, Paddy McGuinness, Michael McIntyre.
If you are heading out camping this weekend, make sure you pack to keep warm, and be prepared. A warm sleeping bag, a good heater and some warm clothing are some essentials we recommend.

So here’s the question of the day:
Which famous person would YOU take camping, and why?

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