Festival Season Essentials

Festival season is upon us and here at GO Outdoors, we want to help provide you get the best summer you can get! Whether you’re a veteran festival goer or it’s your first time to one, there’s a few things you’re going to need in order to have the best possible time. Here’s our essential kit list for this year’s festival.

What will I need to take?

Most of this list will include the essentials you’ll need for a camping festival, so if you’re not camping and you’re just heading to a day festival with a curfew in place, like Parklife or All Points East for example, then that’ll drastically reduce the amount of kit you’ll need. But it is still important to get the correct gear, no matter how long you’re there, so before we get into the more forgotten about items, we wanted to go through everything you’ll need, camping or not.


With no tent to go back to at the end of the day to put your feet up, you’ll most likely be on your feet from the moment you get there. Now that’s not to say there won’t be anywhere to relax and take a quick break, there’ll be plenty places for you to sit down on the grass to take five, but we do live in Britain after all, and we all know what Great British weather is like. If things take a grey and wet turn, it’s very likely you’ll spend the majority of your day on your feet, and there’s nothing worse than standing around in a crowd of thousands all day with your feet feeling exhausted, so you’re going to want some comfortable footwear to help you in your stride. Luckily, we have a great collection of festival footwear, full of walking shoes, boots and wellies, that are super comfortable and practical, so you can find a pair that is perfect for you.


Festival season may span the summer months, but as previously mentioned, we are still in Britain after all, so there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to get stuck in a shower or two. You can stay ahead though with a reliable waterproof jacket, guaranteed to keep you shielded from the rain and keeping you dry. Now we understand that festivals aren’t just about the event, but are outfits are equally important and not everyone has a waterproof jacket that goes with their festival look. So alternatively, why not try out a poncho? Ponchos are easily packable and super lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about being weighed down. They also provide just as much protection from the rain as a waterproof jacket.

Gadgets and Accessories

Finally, you’re going to want a few accessories to make your day that little bit smoother. Unfortunately, most festivals won’t allow rucksacks to be taken into the arena so you’re going to need something safe and secure to keep your money and little bits and bobs in. Why not grab a travel pack like the Osprey Daylite Sling or Ronhill Neoprene Waist Pack. Both highly durable and will keep your essentials secure to your body.

No doubt you’ll also want to film your favourite artists and share them to the gram, so best make sure that you keep your phone charged. We offer a collection of power banks and chargers that’ll keep your devices full of juice without weighing you down.

Top Festival Essentials

Before heading off to your festival, you’re going to want to get the kit you’ll need sorted. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top festival essentials you need to take.


Possibly the most important item you’re going to need, it’s where you’re going to be living for the next few days after all. When choosing a tent for a festival, size is key. You see you don’t need to just consider how many of you are staying in the tent, but how much gear you’ll have to store, and for that you’ll need more space. Don’t be afraid to size up if you need, you’re here for the best part of a week, may as well get comfy. 

Sleeping Bag

It may be the middle of summer, but that temperature sure does drop when the sun goes down, so be sure to pick up a sleeping bag to keep yourself nice and warm in bed at night.

Camping Chair

You will be spending most of the time on your feet, dancing along to your favourite artists. But at the end of the day when everyone returns to camp, you’re going to want something to sit on and put your feet up after a long hard day of raving. 

Airbed or Roll Mat

When it’s time to hit the hey at the end of the day, you’re going to want somewhere nice and comfy to get a good night’s kip. An airbed or roll mat will ensure a refreshing night’s sleep to get you ready to do it all again tomorrow. (Remember, if you go for an inflatable airbed, don’t forget the pump. The last thing you want is to spend the first few hours of your festival blowing up your bed).


As we already mentioned, when night drops, so does the temperature, so you’re going to want a warm additional piece of clothing to wrap in around camp late at night. A fleece is the best option as they come in different weights, so you can find one to your liking, and they’re guaranteed to keep you toasty warm. Have a peak through our extensive collection of fleeces and find the perfect one for you.

Other Essentials

As well as the items we’ve mentioned, there’s a few smaller items you should bring along just in case. 

Water Bottle
Keep yourself hydrated 

Head Torch
Finding your way back to camp isn’t easy in the dark 

Ear Plugs
Drown out all that late-night festival buzz for a good night’s kip

Bin Bigs
Don’t be a litter bug, clean up after yourself!

Duct Tape
In case of any rips or tears. Stick a piece to the side of your bottle. 

That’s out list of all the festival essentials you’ll need this season. You can find everything you need this festival season and more over on our Festival Store, just follow the button below. Whichever festival you’re booked in for, make sure you follow the guidelines, stay safe and most importantly, have fun!