How to fit a rucksack and pack it correctly

Walk in comfort with your pack correctly fitted 

All too often a rucksack is chosen based on price, or features alone, with no thought for how it might fit and feel when you’re out and about. In this article we’ll take you through how to correctly fit your rucksack, and the best way to pack it.

Everybody is different. Our shape, the way we carry ourselves, the way we walk. It’s for this reason that not every rucksack may suit every frame. In all GO Outdoors stores our staff will be happy to help you with rucksack fitting, because a comfortable pack can make the difference between a comfortable trip, or a trip from hell.

We’ve probably all passed somebody out rambling, or at a festival, or doing their DofE award, and they’re walking at a 45 degree angle. This is due to the poorm distribution of weight in the pack and the straps not being fitted to correctly hold the weight in balance.

In the video below John will take you through some simple steps on how to pack and fit your rucksack.

How to fit your rucksack

1) Loosen all straps on the pack
2)  Starting with the hip strap. Fasten and tighten so that it sits on your pelvic bone.
3)  Adjust shoulder straps so that the pack is in line with your back.
4) If your rucksack has top tensioners, tighten these to help pull the pack even closer to your back.
5) Position chest strap on line with shoulder joint.
6) Fasten the strap, leave yourself room to breathe. This helps to pull the shoulder straps forward giving your arms improved range of motion.

If fitted correctly, you should be able to walk normally (no leaning), this will help you feel more comfortable over long periods wearing your pack.

How to pack your rucksack

1) Load heavier items in base and toward the spine of the rucksack
2) Lighter items loaded at the front and top of the pack

This helps to distribute the weight of the pack to your pelvis and through your legs, keeping you balanced, making it easier to walk and preventing the weight pulling on your back and shoulders.