7 Fun Things To Do In Your Garden

Go make the most of your garden with these fun activities

From BBQ’s, to garden drinks, there’s lots to do in our gardens. But now it’s time to think outside the box, get creative and enjoy our gardens even more! So here are 7 things which you can do to the make the most of your garden…

1. Afternoon Tea

How about hosting your very own afternoon tea? Set the table, prepare either homemade or shop bought sandwiches and cakes, invite your guests and indulge! You can enjoy afternoon tea with family and friends at the weekend, or even for a special occasion such as a birthday or baby shower.

2. Backyard Festival

Decorate your garden with flags, banners, balloons and lights to make it look the part (make sure you have chairs and tables too for guests!). Next, select your music and get the tunes blasting – you could even create a playlist for the day. Organise drinks and food and maybe even have fun activities, such as face painting and flower crown making. Finally, be sure to dress for the occasion and enjoy!

3. Games Day

A games day is a great way to get the family together and to get the kids involved. There are many different games to play in the garden, such as football, swingball, cricket and more. Why not create your own sports day and have mini races? Nothing beats a healthy bit of competition! Or you could play board games, water games and anything else that be enjoyed in the garden. Set up the games and relish a day of family fun!

4. Firepit Fun

Toast marshmallows, play games and sing songs around the campfire, the perfect chilled out get together for family and friends. And if you’re hungry, why not cook up a storm too? If anyone plays an instrument in the family, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills to create some real camp fire vibes. Get the blankets out and hang up fairy lights or lanterns to make it extra cosy!

5. Garden Makeover

Is your garden looking a little uninspired? It may be time for a garden makeover! Whether it’s a lick of paint, some colourful hanging baskets or even some new furniture, there are plenty of projects, big or small, which you can undertake to get your garden looking glamorous again! Even a small tidy up can make your garden look like new, so get weeding, mow the lawn and cut trees and shrubs down so your garden is ready for visitors.

6. Teddy Bears Picnic

Perfect to keep the little ones entertained in the garden – a teddy bear’s picnic. Place a picnic blanket on the grass, prepare some lunch and bring all the fury friends to join the party! This will keep the kids occupied for hours. Check out our Tips For The Perfect Picnic blog for some recipe ideas, product inspiration and advice.

7. Get Arty

Nothing beats a bit of peace and quiet in the garden, a chance to relax and collate your thoughts. An excellent activity to enjoy whilst doing this, is art! Whether you’re drawing what you see, painting a picture from your imagination or getting super creative by painting pebbles and using leaves to create textured prints, art is the perfect way to take a break from the world. It’s also a great activity for the kids to enjoy too – plus, getting messy in the garden is much better than having to clean the house! They can hunt for items such as leaves, grass and rocks to paint and make patterns or you could introduce them to finger painting (if you’re brave enough with the mess that is!). Check out our stone painting set from Handy Heroes here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to have lots of fun and make the most of your garden with friends and family! Comment below with the fun things you’ve been getting up to in your garden – we’d love to hear!