Funny weather we are having..

Sun, Rain, Sun, Hottest days ever recorded…Rain. Snow on the way?!

So October opened up with a week that would have been better placed around the end of July, not only did we see the hottest day ever recorded in October but we also saw the fourth hottest day of the year so far. The weather has really taken a turn for crazy considering this is meant to be the start of Autumn. Trees are brown and losing their leaves, rain is coming down…but every few days we get a spat of sunshine.

Now i’m not saying it’s all Bikini’s and swimming trunks out there, Our Scottish customers will tell you that the Indian Summer which is taking the UK seems to have missed them out somewhat.

It’s weather like this that can lead people into a false sense of security when heading outdoors. Sunshine in the city at this time of year can still translate to very cold temperatures on the mountain top. The ‘Indian Summer’ is what the layering system was made for. If you aren’t familiar with the layering system, check out this video guide:




As a rule at this time of year, it’s always best to set off on your trek a little cold and layer up as you go. Start with your baselayer and as you ascend and the temperature drops introduce your midlayer fleece jacket or gilet and build up to your waterproof outer shell for maximum protection against the very changeable weather this month.

It seems almost difficult to shop for new winter coats when the sun is out, but news articles like this prove that the weather isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Stay safe, and layer up!