Geocaching for Kids: An Easter Egg Hunt with a Difference

Whether you’re hunting for chocolate eggs, buried treasure or your next adventure, Easter is a great time to go outdoors. Geocaching is an exciting outdoor activity for the whole family and is growing in popularity across the UK.

Geocaching (pronounced geo-kash-ing) is a global treasure hunting activity which combines technology with outdoor adventure to get you in the fresh air and enjoying time outside together. With Easter around the corner, what better time is there to get active and get searching for treasure? Let’s take a look at what Geocaching is and some simple tips on finding your first Geocache.

Check COVID restrictions beforehand and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching uses coordinates through a Geocaching app or plotted on your GPS device to help you find areas where a cache is hidden.

Geocaching is growing in popularity with both children and adults across the UK, but what is it? Well Geocaching is a bit like a modern treasure hunt, using a little technology to help you find exciting items in the great British Countryside.

Caches are often containers filled with a logbook which you can fill in (so don’t forget a pencil!) and small items which can be traded. There are millions of geocaches across the globe, with loads to discover in the UK. The joy is not knowing what you’ll discover.

Did You Know? The very first Geocache was placed in 2000 to test the US military’s ability to locate missing people using a handheld GPS device and coordinates.

How to Get Started

Before you head out on your Geocache adventure, you need to create an account at We recommend downloading the free app to your smartphone which allows you to select Geocache locations close to you. The site also has great advice on enjoying this activity outdoors.

Finding The Treasure

Geocaches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. After following the coordinates to the right area, you will then need to search for the container itself which can be under a bush, rock or wall. This makes the adventure more exciting for little ones as they explore the area finding secret hiding places where a Geocache could be placed.

The logbook in Geocaches proves you were there, but also gives you an insight into the people who have discovered it before you. Swapping trinkets is also common among those who enjoy Geocaching which means the contents can change regularly.

Pop back to geocaches you found the previous year to see what new items you’ll uncover, and even add your own! Just make sure they are small and of low value.

Recommended Gear

The basics you’ll need is a smartphone with the app downloaded, or GPS device, and a pencil. We recommend you wear sturdy shoes, a waterproof jacket and take some snacks. Here is a basic list, all of which can be bought online at GO Outdoors or from your local store:

  • A free account with (this can be made on the app too)
  • Handheld GPS navigation device or smartphone with GPS connectivity
  • Notebook and pen
  • Waterproof jacket, trousers and walking boots
  • Rucksack

Where to Go Geocaching

There are plenty of places to go Geocaching around the UK. Whether you want to hunt for Geocaches in your local area, go on a Geocaching specific holiday or add Geocaching to your itinerary as an extra activity whilst on your trip, there’s no right way to do it. Check out our Beginners Guide to Geocaching for tons of different locations to try around the UK, as well more information on Geocaching.

Share Your Adventures

There are over 3 million active Geocaches worldwide. When you find one, make sure you take some snaps of your treasure and share them with us using #gomakethemostofit on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. We always love to see the ways you enjoy the great outdoors!