Over 150 Great Walks in the UK

A selection of some walking routes to try around the UK 

If you’ve found yourself inspired by ‘Britain’s Favourite Walks’ on ITV and you’re looking for somewhere to get your boots muddy this weekend, we’ve compiled a few lists that might help you find what you’re looking for, with over 150 walks to choose from, there should be something for everyone.

As part of our ‘Things to do in the UK‘ series, we often find walking routes which feature some pretty fantastic things to visit along the way or places for you to discover. So take a look below and find a walk that suits what you’re looking for:

National Parks

Places to Visit

We’re adding to our list all the time, so be sure to check back to the blog to find more inspiration throughout the year.

A good walk starts with the right kit…

If you’re interested in walking but not sure what boots you need, or if you’re looking to replace your old boots, In the videos below Charlie explains what you need to know before you pick out your next pair of walking boots.

Which walking boot is right for me?

How to properly fit a pair of walking boots

Why not try geocaching?

Add some more adventure to your walk by seeking out geocaches. With thousands around the UK to be found, there’s always something to keep you going. Find out more about how to get started geocaching here.