Halloween Holistay – Spooktacular Celebrations at Home

This Halloween has the potential to be unbeatable! If you don’t fancy going out this year, your home is the place to be to find the scariest spooktacular!

Get Your Spook On! Here are some spine-chilling ideas and terrifying treats guaranteed to make your garden spooktacular!

1. Creepy Camp Out

Do Halloween differently this year. Get into the garden, pitch the tent and snuggle up with the family to share some scary stories by torchlight. You could even decorate your tent and garden with lights and a pumpkin or two. Got little ones? Consider building a cushion castle in the living room or get the sleeping bags out. Just watch out for those things that go ‘bump’ in the night!

2. Host a Party

Halloween is the perfect excuse for a party. This year join up with friends and family so everyone can take part in the fun! Share spooky stories with your friends, play gruesome games with your family or show off your scary Halloween outfit to Grandma. Bringing everyone together on Halloween is the best way to connect! You could even send out e-invites to all your guests!

3. Pumpkin Pals

No Halloween party is complete without a pumpkin! Get creative and flex your artistic flair in time for Halloween; just make sure you have a grown up to help when carving. Once your Pumpkin has a face, features or fun design, add a tea light and pop it outside your house to let everyone know you’re enjoying a Holistay Halloween-style!

4. Go Trick or Treating

Knock on doors and collect as many treats as possible with your family and friends! Or if you want to stay extra safe this spooky season, then why not try socially distanced trick or treating? Create a treat bag full of ghoulish goodies for someone in your household. Then simply leave it outside their bedroom door with a note for them to discover. You could even do it for friends and neighbours; just be sure to leave it on their doorstep. It’s a great way to spread socially distanced cheer this season.

5. Do the Monster Mash

No matter how small the party, festive tunes are still a firm favourite. Dress up in your wicked Halloween costume, turn up the volume and show off your scariest dance moves (that includes you Dad!) You could even play a game of musical statues; simply dance until the music stops and the winner is the last one dancing!

6. Watch a Halloween Movie

What’s your favourite Halloween movie? The Addams Family, Goosebumps, Frankenweenie, The Witches? There are so many great classics for all the family to enjoy so grab the popcorn, snuggle on the sofa and scare yourself silly at the small screen.

7. Ghostly Games

There are some really spooky Halloween Games guaranteed to have you belly-laughing with all your family. Ever played ‘Toilet Paper Mummy’? Two teams must work to wrap their chosen mummy in toilet paper. The winning team is the first to totally cover their teammate. Or why not take part in a donut eating contest. You’ll need a length of sturdy rope tied between two trees or in your house. Then tie ribbons or string from the rope down to donuts which hang in line with your mouth. (Make sure there is one that everyone can reach). The aim of the game is to eat the donut the fastest with your hands behind your back. Let the fun commence!

8. Scavenge for Sweet Things

Create your own Halloween Holistay scavenger hunt by hiding treats and surprises around the house or garden, then writing clues for your family and friends to find them. From toffee to tombstones, sweets to spiders, follow the clues to uncover a trick or a treat.

9. Devilish Decorations

Transform your home into a Halloween Holistay with delightfully devilish decorations! Use spooky fake spiders, blinking lights and party banners to dress your home for the season. Find the perfect place for your pumpkin and then get your Halloween costume on ready to dance the night away.

10. Morning Adventures

You’ll likely spend most of the day preparing for your Halloween Holistay party. However, we’d encourage you to get outdoors on Halloween morning for an exciting adventure. Take a family bike ride around your local area or walk the dog around your nearest park. On the way, see how many homes you can see also taking part in their own Halloween celebrations.

Whatever your plans are for a Halloween Holistay this year, we hope you make the most of it with family and friends!